8 Reasons To Embrace Specialised Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing. It’s a strategy we at Chilli pride ourselves on. We have been offering our skills in this area to many businesses all over the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. But time and time again we run into client confusion over what it is exactly…

In essence, Inbound Marketing is a bespoke strategy that will attract, ‘Capture’ and convert qualified leads. It may sound overwhelming but it’s all about bringing your target market directly to you through quality content customised specifically for them. Marketing budgets are tight, and inbound marketing is a methodology created to stop unnecessary spending on immeasurable marketing and start providing a great ROI.

I suppose you’re asking yourself, “but my business sells a really niche product. How could Inbound Marketing possibly work for me?” Let us show you just how powerful B2B inbound marketing can be!

  1. There is less competition for search terms.

Optimising content is a key component of a successful inbound strategy. Utilising keywords with high volume and low competition work best of all. Therefore, if your company is super-niche, chances are very few others will have the same keywords as you. This means your chances for a high organic reach have been significantly multiplied almost immediately.

  1. Immediate gratification.

Chances are not too many people are searching for your super-niche business using your keywords. This means that those who are searching are seriously interested. In addition to ranking higher, faster, you have greater potential to get quality leads faster too.

  1. Big Value

Search volume and target audience is small, but customer acquisition is high and valuable! Niche products are expensive and generally involve long-term commitments and relationships. Therefore a new customer represents value, represents growth, and as a result represents revenue.

  1. Education Working Wonders

Inbound marketing is all about educating your clients, not direct selling. This is a tactic that works well across all industries and sectors, especially those who are rather technologically advanced and sophisticated. Creating blogs and downloadable resources are a great way to begin the education process.

  1. You Competitors Aren’t Doing It

If your competitors aren’t doing it, beat them to the punch! Many niche market websites do not get updated very often. This gives you and your niche business the opportunity to get ahead of the pack, look the part, and deliver the goods before your competition even has a chance to blink. Making sure to publish new content, create calls-to-action and nurture lead generation will amplify your investment into inbound marketing ten fold.

  1. Quality Is Rewarded

The more specialised the industry, the more important it is to disseminate informative and engaging content about it. Not only does this provide a source of credible information to the masses, but it becomes highly valuable also. It’s important here to not just use ‘marketing speak’ with creating such content. The nature of the industry is highly specialised; therefore your content should reflect this. This is where quality speaks volumes.

  1. Content Everywhere

Highly sophisticated products and services have more content available to them/about them than they realise. Published papers by employees, workshop presentations, work portfolios, even training documents are all valuable items of content that potential clients and customers would be interested in. Again, these documents educate. As a result, they contribute to the brand story, a story that niche customers can connect with in a niche market.

  1. Respect

Respect your customers, engage with them, and they will pay you the same courtesy. That’s how inbound marketing works. Super niche markets are known to be distrusting of tradition marketing tactics, particularly those of the hard sell nature. This is why inbound marketing can become so fruitful to both businesses and clients/customers, in a genuine and sophisticated manner.

Intrigued by the process? We thought you might be. Download your FREE copy of our Inbound Marketing Methodology Guide and investigate this strategy for yourself. Or contact us today for your obligation free consultation. With such a versatile strategy at your disposal, why wouldn’t you take advantage?