Advertising campaigns, integration across mediums

So…you’ve decided to advertise to your target market of 13-17 year old girls with a full-blown newspaper advertising campaign? Double page spreads, classified ad, quarter page ad…the works? Bold move my friend, bold move.

With the explosive development of digital and social media over the past few years, we now have an ever-increasing assortment of tools at our disposal. Today integrated campaigns consist of a variety of different media platforms from traditional methods such as newspapers and magazines, television and radio, to new age digital media like online and social media.

To ensure your campaign not only runs smoothly, but also reaches the targeted outcomes and results as well, it is essential that the integration across each and every medium or platform that you use is succinct and has strong, clear messaging. Consistency is essential! Content should not only be clear, but should be adapted to fit each varying platform used throughout the campaign.

Now…listen closely, here’s a little tip that can make a big difference to your campaign. What works well for print mediums doesn’t necessarily work as well (or even at all) for web or social media, and vice versa.

Try to choose the right channels for each individual campaign and audience. If your target market doesn’t use Facebook…leave it out! Choose media channels that compliment each other and be confident enough to leave something out if it doesn’t fit the scope or more specifically, your target audience. It’s better to create a cracking campaign across a few platforms, then to try and stretch too far resulting in a thin and ineffective ‘flop’ of a campaign.

Integrated messaging is key! Ensure the messaging on each platform used throughout your campaign has a clear call to action, or directs your target audience to somewhere specific, whether it be your website or your front door. On digital media platforms alone, the number of elements that can help us do this are growing exponentially – links, SEO, ‘Hashtags’, ‘Likes’, the list is endless.

So remember…even though it’s exciting to get new campaigns underway, especially with the limitless opportunities available to us now, make sure you stick to your guns. Start with a sound understanding of your target audience and each specific platform they’re likely to use or be drawn in by. Then create your advertising campaign with integration across all mediums.