What Is Client Experience and Why Does It Even Matter?

Creating stunning client experiences is a high priority for many businesses; a need for remaining front-of-mind with customers, and ahead of the competition as the industry continues to grow more competitive. What is your vision for the clients who walk through your door, call your office, or email through enquiries? How are they greated, engaged with, and spoken to? Is the company vision conveyed through all customer touch points of the business? Does everybody in your team comprehend the disposition and practices expected to convey that experience reliably?

Throughout all communications, your organisation must be reflected in a positive light. Step out along a ​customer-centric path. At every touch point where a customer is involvedwith your brand, every single thing that could affect that experience comes down to the responsibility of the entire team.

Let’s look at a very typical example where this goes wrong:

A business is approaching you for guidance about professional services. You have decided to use their skillset. More often than not, the relationship is the deciding factor of this working partnership, not necessarily price-point. After completion of the job, the client is happy with the work. But when they receive their invoice there is a problem. Either payment terms, total cost, or simply your contact details are incorrect. So, you call them, only to be spoken to like you are a second-rate citizen.

Has the accounts department been overlooked when it comes to customer service training? All the previous positive communication with your client has now been forgotten. This is possibly the last contact they have with your business; not because the job is now completed, but because you have now lost their trust and respect as a business.

Do you have an area in your business that reflects this example? More often than not, these kinds of problems stem from the accounts department. Which is why it is so important than your business works together to understand how to best serve the client, meet their objectives, and maintain that working relationship. Take time to consider each aspect of your client’s experience and deliberately outline a plan that educates all your team in delivering great client service. ​

It’s a statement that is becoming increasingly important to refer back to as the digital age continues in full swing: people do business with people. Which is why it is so important to maintain those positive working relationships. At Chilli, we pride ourselves on offering quality customer service to all of our clients Interested to hear what our happy clients have to say? Check out our work here for client testimonials.

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