Developing Your A Team, One Player At A Time

Building and fostering positive working relationships is paramount to the success of any organisation, particularly those who work closely with clients and partners to reach a common goal. Finding top talent may seem like a guaranteed way to create a hard working team. The idea that if you, as an employer, hire only the best from top organisations and universities you will quickly have a highly skilled team. While skill sets are an important aspect to consider, it shouldn’t be the be-all-and-end-allwhen creating a strong, versatile, adaptive, and progressive ‘A Team’.

Developing your A Team may take time, resources, and a well thought-out hiring strategy. But a crucial element many neglect to consider is the cultural fit of that person within a working environment. One’s character, professional drive, personality, and innate abilities are when contribute to their true potential as an A Team player. Paul Roetzer, in his book The Marketing Agency Blueprint: The Handbook for Building Hybrid PR, SEO, Content, Advertising, and Web Firms, describes the ideal attributes of an A Team player as unique intangibles that act as a true differentiator between players. These are people who have initiative and drive, yet understand the working environment and its own idiosyncrasies that keep the game in play.


Analytical people are quick decision makers; basing their choices on logic and reason (rather than emotion). They work closely with data and are able to pull from it incredible insights.


Balanced people maintain a strong work-life balance, out of reach to many. They have worked out how to maintain their personal interests and hobbies as a method escapism from the everyday stresses of modern working life. The skills of managing such a balancing act become incredibly useful the further up the organisational hierarchy they progress.


Confident people put in the extra time and effort into gaining knowledge, educating themselves, and growing from experiences along the way. It is crucial to point out that confidence should not be mistaken for arrogance or entitlement. These characteristics are highly undesirable within any business.


Creative people are natural innovators when approaching new tasks, ways of thinking, and projects. They possess the incredible creative ability – working within standardised environments whilst injecting new life and original ideas strategically into their work.

Intrinsically Motivated

These are people who can work autonomously, are self-directed yet collaboratively produced. They have a desire to direct their own lives, an urge to continually better themselves, a yearning to contribute, a purpose.

Social Web and Tech Savvy

Savvy people are well informed and well connected. They stay up-to-date on the current trends, technology, interests, and industry highlights. They maintain a professional presence across all social platforms as the continually seek out emerging opportunities for the future.


Strategic thinkers are capable of assessing situations, considering the shared goals and objectives – they can build a strategy. They understand the expected outcome of decisions and how they may affect various audiences. They can connect dots very few know exist.


Writers (or copywriters as they are also known) have the exception ability to use their writing skills to clearly and concisely communicate their thoughts. Their writing it creatively and technically sound, and the rhetoric they utilise is persuasive and powerful.

Drafting you’re a Team, you will look for all of these qualities and more. You want team players who are detail orientated, focused, listeners, positive, and are relationship builders and networkers.

At Chilli, we have worked to create a team which we believe embodies most, if not all, of these unique qualities across our staff. Being a boutique agency we work collectively to ensure our strides forward are in the best direction for our clients, their projects, and our own personal and professional development. Surrounding ourselves with the right people inspires us to continue growing. What inspires you? With new clients, projects, changing protocols and processes, technological advancements, cryptic social insights, and new initiatives to develop it is important to remember what is at the heart and soul of any successful business. You can teach and be taught made new tricks, but you cannot teach passion, drive, and intellect.

At Chilli Group we aim to understand your needs and how we can best assist to in reaching your business goals. We know where the customers are, what they want, and how to give it to them. If you would like to understand more of what we can do for you and your business, be that digital branding, design or web developmentprojects, get in touch with us here.

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