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Over the years we have written numerous helpful eBooks full of marketing, branding, creative and online advice, tips and articles. Interested in learning more about marketing and how to boost your efforts? Download one of our eBooks below…

Business Documentary Planning Guide

  • A simple framework to plan and script a documentary video for your business
  • Tips on choosing a direction and talent for your corporate video
Benchmarks for Small & Medium Businesses

Benchmarks for Small and Medium Business

  • Why Capture works for both small and medium business
  • Learn how it can work for you
Branding Sunshine Coast

The Branding Guide

  • 8 Reasons to Love your Brand
  • 5 Steps to make it happen
  • 16 pages of great information to power up your brand
Strategic Marketing Report

The Strategic Marketing Guide

  • Our 10 Steps to creating a marketing strategy
  • 16 pages of tips and tools
Creative Ebook Download

The Creative Guide

  • Creative that works, not just pretty pictures
  • The 6 step process for great creative and outstanding results
  • 16 pages of creative samples and tips
Learn how to be Creative 9 Easy Steps to follow Examples on being creative

A Beginners Guide to Social Media

  • What is Social Media?
  • Choosing the right channels
  • How to get Started

Using Linkedin To Your Advantage

  • Why LinkedIn is essential for business
  • Help promote and grow businesses
  • Learn to build quality connections
9 Steps to Being Creative

9 Steps to being Creative

  • Learn how to be Creative
  • 9 Easy Steps to follow
  • Examples on being creative
Before The Brand Inbound Marketing Ebook

Before the Brand

  • What to consider before meeting with your agency
  • What to look at in your competitors
Everything You Need to Know About Inbound Marketing

About Inbound Marketing

  • The inbound marketing methodology
  • How Capture can work for you
Inbound Marketing Automation

Inbound Marketing Methodology

  • The who, what and why of Inbound Marketing
  • Learn the partnership of content and context
Marketing Automation VS CRMS

Marketing Automation vs CRMs

  • Thorough comparison of CRM benefits vs. Capture
  • Understand how Capture can work for you
Marketing Automation Vs Email Marketing Systems

Marketing Automation vs Email Marketing

  • The ins and outs of marketing automation
  • What you’re not getting from email marketing systems
Why Marketing Automation

Why Marketing Automation

  • Understand today’s marketing issues
  • Learn the full service solution to them
  • Software price comparisons