The Green Chilli

 “The Green Chilli”

This is about creating a sustainable working environment.

Our offices were chosen back in 2006 not just for their great waterfront location, but for the positive sustainable attributes. We installed floor to ceiling bi-fold doors and shade sails to enable our working environment to be naturally ventilated and therefore greatly reduce our use of air conditioning.

Our culture of sustainability is practiced by the entire team and includes the following waste reduction policies:

  • Recycling Ink cartridges
  • Recycling paper, glass and plastic bottles
  • Reusing design documentation
  • Reading of documents electronically to reduce print waste
  • Use of environmentally friendly office cleaning products

Our entire office management system and accounting system are now cloud based, allowing us to run a paper free office. The only paper utilised is for the printing of colour proofs at the client’s request.

Our client interaction is also focused around the use of sustainable products, including the use of environmentally friendly paper and print processes internally, and outsourcing to external suppliers who practice the use of recycled and/or sustainable print stocks.

Once again Chilli is leading the way in our industry, being one of the first Australian agencies to become cloud based and paperless.