We know what you think when
you think ‘branding’.

No, we’re not mind readers (we wish!) we’re just experienced and that experience tells us, you’re thinking logo. And that’s okay. Logos are a major part of any organisation.

When you’ve been driving for hours and are so hungry that clouds have begun to look like marshmallows, what’s better than seeing the Golden Arches in the distance? Brand recognition plays a major roll in modern day lives, even when you’re not thinking about it.

And yes, we do offer professional logo design, but it’s part of a much bigger picture!

There are a million and one things other than a logo to consider when you’re looking to brand your business.

It’s about your corporate identity. It’s about designing a brand that encompasses your business, launching that brand and supporting it with brand marketing.

Finally, it’s about living and breathing that brand throughout your entire business.

At Chilli, branding is one of our biggest passions. We don’t put a logo on a blank piece of paper and send you off. We breathe life into your entire brand and we market that brand so that you achieve the longevity and results you crave.

From our design studio to our strategic marketing team, we cover all the bases and send you home happy.

A million and one things Okay, okay, don’t panic! We’ll go easy on you and just give you 7.

1. Increase Recognition

You know what the golden arches mean from kilometers away. Let’s focus on getting your business recognised WITHOUT you having to explain it! We know you’re too busy for that anyway.

2. You’re worth more than that!

Our favourite direction is North, isn’t yours? Let’s get those numbers moving. Up, up and away.

3. Get ‘em talking!

Let’s get this brand mentioned. Over and over and over again. We love the power of Public Relations.

4. Let us get the door.

Stop fighting for every customer, it’s exhausting and you deserve a break. Clear and concise brand messaging and artwork means someone else can open the doors for once.

5. I’m sorry, who?

Competitors can’t compete with a clear brand identity. It’s time to leave them in the dust and before long, you’ll forget their name.

6. Check back later.

It’s time to practice that phrase because once you’ve got your brand sorted the employment enquires won’t stop. Quality professionals are attracted to strength, and nothing says strength quite like a sleek brand identity.

7. The Good Word.

Your clients won’t be able to stop themselves from spreading the good word about your business because of the quality service you provide, so lets make sure your brand reflects that.