Is Your Brand Experience Forgotten?

You may have a well established brand, you know your identity and you know how to operate. You’re all ready to go, right? Wrong! Have you ever considered how your brand experience plays a part in the process? Do you deliver on your brand promise? Very few businesses actually do…

Here’s a few statistics on the challenges of delivering a consistent brand experience to customers. How does your brand stack up?

  • Within companies, brand experience is promoted but not prioritised.
  • Many senior leaders don’t appreciate the power of the brand.
  • Staff members aren’t well enough aligned behind the brand; there is a Disconnect between the internal brand culture and customer/facing brand values.
  • Customer experience needs to be made everyone’s responsibility, not just the front of house staff.
  • Businesses are failing to utilise technology to consolidate the brand.

SOURCE: Hubspot 2016 Survey – Powered by Brandworkz and Piktochart.