Marketing Automation – Call to Actions Count

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are one of the key lead generation elements, and they should be used in each and every one of your marketing tactics: emails, social media, press releases… the list goes on. In fact, whenever you want to ensure your team is moving in the right direction, pose the question, “What’s the call-to-action we’re using to drive people’s behavior?”

What is a Call-to-Action?

A call-to-action (CTA) is a button or link that you place on your website to drive prospective customers to become leads by filling out a form on a landing page. A CTA is the link between the regular content that your potential customer is interested in, and a page with a more high-value offer on it (the landing page) that is relevant and interesting enough to persuade your visitor to complete a short form.

Naturally, the call-to-action won’t always be to purchase your product or service. It can certainly lead people in that direction, but it will rarely follow as a direct result of an isolated marketing tactic. Social media and blogging might do wonders with attracting traffic to your online real estate, but you need lead generation tools to capture that traffic and marketing automation to nurture it down the sales funnel.

Not all calls-to-action are effective at converting your visitors, so you can follow these guidelines to create CTAs that will work for your business.

CTAs should be:

  • Visually striking with copy that compels you to click the offer
  • Brief: A couple of words is best, no more than five is ideal
  • Action-oriented: Begin with a verb like “Download” or “Register”
  • Located in an easy-to-find spot that follows organically from the flow of the webpage
  • In a contrasting colour from the colour scheme of the webpage, while still fitting in with the overall design
  • Large enough to see from a distance, but not so large as to detract attention from the main content on the page
  • Easy to understand and clear: Be sure to state exactly what the visitor will get if they click on the CTA and go to the landing page

Calls-to-action are one of the fundamental elements of lead generation, linking website visitors to the next step that will engage them further with your company. Following the guidelines in this article, you can improve your design and copy of your calls-to-action.