People Do Business With People

It’s a statement that is becoming increasingly important to refer back to as the digital age continues in full swing: people do business with people.

Whether you are an online retailer operating purely through e-commerce, or a financial services firm greeting people at your door, people do business with people. It is important to understand how best to foster relationships with new and returning clients so you can keep providing exciting work for them. However with so many businesses utilising online platforms like social media to promote their business, it’s easy to lose your branding and it’s personality along the way; slowly becoming a digital robot. Being aware of this crucial element will allow you and your business to continue being creative and diverse in your marketing and promotional choices. Here’s how:


  1. Let your personality shine!

In the words of Dr Seuss, “there’s no one you-er than you” so make sure your presence reflects that. Through use of strategic and creative branding elements, your generic accounting firm or plumbing business can suddenly become full of personality and character. This not only helps set you apart from the crowd, but it allows your customers to get a feel for your business before committing to anything. This reflection is incredibly important online also, so make sure your website and social media accounts all reflect the same tone, personality, and brand that you are trying to promote within the office also.


  1. Make it individual and direct

Through the marketing wizardry that is inbound marketing, there has never been a more effective tool to target your clients on a personal, individual level. Via inbound marketing strategies like responsive forms, retargeting advertising, and programs like Chilli’s Capture, businesses can appear to speak directly with individual customers. Whilst the process is highly automated, it doesn’t visibly appear that way to the customer; they are under the impression that unique emails have been written specifically for them, from the director of the business directly. That’s what makes this process so effective and attractive to businesses and their customers alike. Inbound marketing also allows for customer tracking, so that businesses can monitor how their customers interact with their websites, and any remarketing advertisements implemented via social media. It’s a very nifty tool!


  1. Get native

Embrace the power of subtlety, not interruption.  Native advertising provides another opportunity for you to get your business in front of the right people. Great native advertising looks and feels similar to its editorial environment so much so that you may not even notice it. That’s the point, so good you don’t even know it’s there, but suddenly you find yourself engaging with a new brand.  Native advertising and inbound marketing make a perfect pair.  

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to put your best foot forward and interact with your customers on their level, no matter what or where that may be. If you need a little more inspiration or some advice on how to attract more customers, we’ve got you covered. Check out our ebook Everything You Need to Know About Inbound Methodology here, or give the team at Chilli a call today on 5437 7788.