Safeguard your business from negative feedback on social media

There is a standard joke in our family when FIL (father-in-law) commences to complain about something, we all in unison say, “Write a letter!” This was the approach consumers previously took and many complaints went unnoted because of the effort required to address them. Not any more, it is simple, fast and seen not just by the intended recipient but potentially thousands of people. The joy of social media!

Statistically 26% of consumers post a negative comment on social media after experiencing poor customer service.

“Social media has changed the way people interact. In many ways, social media has led to positive changes in the way people communicate and share information; however, it has a dark side, as well. Social networking can sometimes result in negative outcomes, some with long-term consequences.”

In this era where social media is on a steep upward trend, it is imperative businesses embrace every opportunity to create positive social media interaction and to do everything to avoid the converse.

No matter your industry, your product or your intention, if you fail to provide exceptional customer service you risk becoming a part of that 26% statistic.

When the key to great customer service can be a simple as a smile, it can be quite easy to avoid negative social media.

6 things to think about when reflecting on your service:

  1. How do you answer the phone? I am presuming you always do!
  2. Never make promises you cant keep.
  3. Do you really listen to your clients’ problems?
  4. Properly dealt with complaints can become opportunities.
  5. Be helpful to everyone, even if there is no sale attached.
  6. Train your staff to be amazing customer service providers, don’t train your management to be good at putting out fires.