Alex Cox

Alex Cox Marketing Coordinator Meet Alex, a dedicated Marketing Coordinator at Chilli. With a Certification in Digital Marketing from Monash University, Alex leverages his industry insights and innovative strategies to excel in Chilli’s collaborative environment. He loves the diverse and dynamic team at Chilli, finding it rewarding to approach challenges from multiple angles. Alex enjoys […]

Heather Kennedy

Heather Kennedy Marketing Coordinator Heather, an enthusiastic Marketing Coordinator at Chilli, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Marketing and Entrepreneurship from University College Cork in Ireland. With a background in sales and energy consulting, she enjoys collaborating with diverse businesses and learning something new every day. Passionate about helping clients achieve their goals, Heather finds […]

Jess Matterson Jones

Jess Matterson-Jones Graphic Designer Meet Jess, is our dynamic Graphic Designer at Chilli. Jess brings a wealth of creativity and expertise to Chilli. With a Dual Degree in Professional Writing & Publishing and Digital Design, she excels in a variety of tasks, from print and signage to SEO and web design. Jess’s innovative approach and […]

Jess Maudsley

Jess Maudsley Marketing Manager Jess, an accomplished Account Manager at Chilli, has 9 years of experience in franchise marketing and operations, specialising for 3.5 years. She holds a Bachelor of Public Relations with a minor in Creative Advertising and a certificate in Storytelling for Content Marketing. Jess excels in building strong client relationships and thrives […]

Tanish Koundal

Tanish Koundal Web Developer Meet Tanish, our innovative Web Developer. Tanish holds a Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology, majoring in Mobile and Web Development. He thrives in Chilli’s collaborative environment, creating user-friendly web solutions that bring clients’ visions to life. Passionate about delivering impactful digital experiences, Tanish takes pride in his work and enjoys […]

Helen Troth

Helen Troth Account Manager Helen, an accomplished marketing manager, boasts a rich background in the hospitality, events, and publishing sectors. With extensive customer-facing experience and a sincere interest in understanding people and their perspectives, Helen meticulously considers the customer response and journey. Her passion for learning and driving success infuses her role as an Account […]

Saskia Von Moltke

Saskia Von Moltke Account Manager Saskia is a deeply passionate, dedicated and accomplished Marketing & Communications professional, with a twelve year track record of success in diverse aspects of the industry, ranging from traditional broadcast to enterprise-level digital strategies. She has been in the media and marketing industry for most of her professional career, working […]

Rachel Hatton

Team Members - Chilli

Rachel Hatton Account Coordinator Meet Rachel, our dynamic Account Coordinator at Chilli. With a Bachelor of Commerce and a unique background in accounting, Rachel has transitioned into the captivating world of marketing. Her strong foundation in data analysis and attention to detail adds a unique flair to our team. What does Rachel love most about […]

Sergei Lapp

Sergei Lapp Web Developer Meet Sergei, our talented Website Developer.  Sergei brings a wealth of expertise and practical experience to Chilli, having worked as a freelancer for more than 5 years with a diverse range of clients. Throughout his career, he has developed a deep understanding of client relations, Website Development, Website Design, and IT. […]

Maddi Durbidge

Team Members - Chilli

Maddi Durbidge Marketing Manager Meet Maddi, one of our dynamic Marketing Managers. With a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Marketing, Maddi leverages her academic background and industry insights to infuse fresh, strategic perspectives into her client’s marketing initiatives. Her enthusiasm and commitment to excellence play a pivotal role in advancing her client’s brand’s presence. What […]