There’s no such thing as a Website Designer

There’s no such thing as a Website Designer

It’s no shock to anyone that in this digital world, website design and development is evolving at breakneck speeds. It’s no longer an option for businesses to have a website, it’s vital for survival. Not only is a website essential, it also needs to be engaging, mobile responsive, easy to navigate, and have a keyword […]

Why using a graphic designer will help grow your business


During my previous roles as marketing coordinator and marketing manager within companies across the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and Australia, I found myself questioning the need for using a graphic designer. Are they really worth it? The answer is a resounding YES, but let me explain.. With useful online tools like Canva, my limited knowledge of […]

Why Should you Invest in Professional Photos for your Business?

Why Should you Invest in Professional Photos for your Business?

We can all agree that content marketing is king – from blog posts to Facebook posts and everything in between, creating unique and useful content is the best way to connect with your audience. But content marketing requires more than just well-written text to be effective. It needs to get noticed. One way to get […]

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Strong Branding


One of the foremost assets your business can undertake is developing a strong corporate brand. Your branding portrays your core offerings, ethos and promise directly to your customer base. Your website, social media channels, advertising and marketing collateral are all tangible extensions of your brand. Great branding sets you apart from the competition, enables you […]

When Less is More: The case against “cramming in crap”

Cramming in Crap

Why do graphic designers love white space and clients hate it? Because designers know the technicalities of why, how and when to use it. Clients just want to fill it. They’ve generally paid top dollar for space in a glossy magazine, newspaper or catalogue etc. and feel every square centimeter represents valuable real estate that […]

How To Create An Effective And Engaging eBook


At Chilli, we love a good eBook, so much so that we have published 13 of our own and countless editions for our clients. eBooks are a fantastic way to really explore a single topic in great detail. As a valuable lead generation tool, they are a must for any inbound marketing strategy employed by your organisation. […]

Colour Theory: How To Create A Rainbow


Colours are a very important part of any brand strategy. Sometimes when you think of a brand, the colours in their logo spring to mind first. For example, when you think ‘fast food’ you think of the colour red (because of Red Rooster, KFC and McDonalds). As humans it’s in our nature to visualise – […]

The Rules for Writing Copy That Sells


So you’re trying your hand at writing your own copy, but not sure how to take it from good to great and words to sales? Well we’ve got some tried and true rules for you to follow that will help you write copy that is by definition, compelling.

Brevity and clarity are essential to ensure that your message is digestible. This is the only way to get your words actually read. That being said, the clearest, most concise copy ever written is still a bust if it doesn’t compel its readers to act.

How to Develop Your Visual Brand on Social Media


You know that a strong brand is much more than just how it looks, it’s about how it works across all platforms and about how both your business and team embrace it.  When it comes to social media though, how you convey your brand visually is an essential element to great social media presence and […]