Facebook Marketing For Better Results


So you’ve been told about a million times that Facebook is an excellent tool for marketing your business. Maybe you’ve even started to master Facebook Marketing on your own. Unfortunately we have news for you. Facebook Marketing is changing.

Intern Em Experiencing the Chilli Difference


Being an intern is no easy feat. There are a lot of skills you need to learn, deadlines you need to meet, cryptic instructions you have to decipher and coffees you have to make…but sometimes when you’re really lucky, you get an incredible intern. Chilli has recently been fortunate enough to have a lovely such […]

People Do Business With People


It’s a statement that is becoming increasingly important to refer back to as the digital age continues in full swing: people do business with people. Whether you are an online retailer operating purely through e-commerce, or a financial services firm greeting people at your door, people do business with people. It is important to understand […]

“KISS: Keep It Short and Simple”


The golden rule of less is more is not adhered to as often as you might think. Many businesses can get excited seeing their website being developed, their branding coming together, or even get overwhelmed with enthusiasm in brainstorming meetings. All of that passion and excitement is fantastic, yet it can cloud judgement and interfere with decisions rather quickly.

Ten Reasons You Need To Switch Up Your Marketing Methods


“If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” We are told this time and time again in life, and while it is true to some extent, there are times this rule doesn’t apply. How do you know when to let things be and when to switch them up, particularly in regards to your business? 

How Important is Your Personal Brand?


A personal brand is not unlike your business brand, in fact, for some people they are one in the same. Perhaps you’re a professional author, a realtor, or even a chef—there are a variety of reasons why your personal brand might be just as important if not more so than your business brand.  It’s important to make the most out of your personal brand in order to take your business to the next level, but where do you begin? 

The Christmas Advertising Evolution


One doesn’t have to be reminded that Christmas is approaching. Our television is dominated by Christmas campaign adverts, our letterboxes are full of retailers claiming to have the best gift ideas and social media is flooded with the same. Every year it all begins earlier and earlier giving us plenty of warning to get out […]