How to: Set up Facebook Event Tracking with Google Tag Manager

Are you looking for the best way to get, prove and understand the results from your social media campaign? The first step is making sure you are correctly tracking your campaigns and conversion events using the Facebook Pixel. After all, analytics is key to proving the success of your digital marketing efforts. To send conversion […]

10 Digital Marketing Predictions & Trends for 2018

As digital marketing nerds, we have compiled 10 of the top digital marketing predictions and trends for 2018 that can be implemented for your business.  Digital Ad Costs Rise Unfortunately, as more and more marketers and businesses take up a digital marketing approach it is predicted that the cost of Facebook and Instagram advertising will […]

Why Should you Invest in Professional Photos for your Business?

We can all agree that content marketing is king – from blog posts to Facebook posts and everything in between, creating unique and useful content is the best way to connect with your audience. But content marketing requires more than just well-written text to be effective. It needs to get noticed. One way to get […]

Understanding the Influence of Influencer Marketing

Are you an influential person? Is your business an influencer among consumer groups? If not, that’s ok. There are people out there who dedicate their lives to helping spread the word about businesses. Start a conversation online and join a very big push towards influencer marketing… First, let’s get back to basics. What is Influencer […]

A Simple Guide for Generating Facebook Leads

Social Media Guide

At Chilli, we LOVE Facebook Ads. Facebook offers brilliant targeting options which allows you to direct traffic or build a database of people who are interested in your product or service. With down to the dollar budgeting, our clients can see ROI and we can monitor and adjust campaigns as needed to ensure the best […]

Remarketing Chilli

Remarketing Chilli

So you’ve seen our remarketing ad and now you’re wondering, “how did they do it?!” It’s strange, we know! Remarketing can feel a little, shall we say…funny, if you’ve never been exposed to it before. It’s also one of the greatest marketing tools out there today. Remarketing Your Business To The Right People Picture yourself shopping online, […]

Facebook Business Essentials to Engage Your Customers

Facebook Business

At Chilli, we spend a lot of time working closely with our clients to build their brand presence within the online environment; namely through Facebook. While many businesses have started a Facebook page, others may be new to the platform. Regardless of whether you are starting new or building from an established feed, it’s important […]

How to Increase Conversions Through your Facebook Ads

Chilli Facebook Ads

Everyone is starting to catch on.  People are realising just how effective and important Facebook advertising can be for their business. I mean, when there are nearly 2 billion active daily users, it’s hard to ignore its customer-reaching potential. But where to start, you ask? How can you get your message to the people who […]

A Simple 3 Step Guide for Measuring Your Social Media ROI

Social Media ROI

Social media plays a huge part in getting customers to notice and engage with your business or brand.  Being able to clearly see what works and what doesn’t within your social media strategy.  The importance of Return on Investment (ROI) is underemphasised by many businesses when in fact, it can make or break the success […]