Why do I need to maintain my website Plugins?

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Did you know Plugins are used to add additional functionality to a basic WordPress website? For example, forms on a website are made possible by adding that functionality through a Plugin. Plugin updates are necessary to ensure your website remains as secure and optimised as possible. These are released periodically by the individual plugin developers […]

There’s no such thing as a Website Designer

There’s no such thing as a Website Designer

It’s no shock to anyone that in this digital world, website design and development is evolving at breakneck speeds. It’s no longer an option for businesses to have a website, it’s vital for survival. Not only is a website essential, it also needs to be engaging, mobile responsive, easy to navigate, and have a keyword […]

Why Website Maintenance is Like a Well-Oiled Car


As an agency who build and maintain websites for clients, we often find ourselves explaining the intricacies of website development, security, hosting, domain names and more. When it comes to discussing the importance of website maintenance, however, it has evolved into the simplest analogy. Here’s our take on why maintaining your website is like servicing […]

10 Digital Marketing Predictions & Trends for 2018

10 Digital Marketing Predictions & Trends for 2018

As digital marketing nerds, we have compiled 10 of the top digital marketing predictions and trends for 2018 that can be implemented for your business.  Digital Ad Costs Rise Unfortunately, as more and more marketers and businesses take up a digital marketing approach it is predicted that the cost of Facebook and Instagram advertising will […]

5 Reasons why Small Businesses should be using WordPress.

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Since WordPress launched in 2003, it has become one of the world’s leading content management systems. It is used by more than 74 million websites throughout the world, publishing new posts every second. The reason behind WordPress’ high popularity is simply the fact that it is an extremely powerful tool. If you are a small […]

Why Your Website Needs a SSL Certificate

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What is a SSL Certificate? A “secure sockets layer” or SSL Certificate is the backbone of our internet security, protecting our valuable information from cyber hackers and criminals.  It is a security protocol that enforces encrypted communication between the web browser (i.e. Safari, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) and the web server (i.e. where your website is hosted). […]

Increase Your Website Traffic By Over 40%

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Think about your own use of social media. Which posts are you most drawn to when you’re scrolling through Facebook or Instagram? If you’re like most people, it’s going to be the posts that have a visual element to them – images, memes, or videos. We’re going to focus on online video content, with some […]

Developing Your A Team, One Player At A Time

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Building and fostering positive working relationships is paramount to the success of any organisation, particularly those who work closely with clients and partners to reach a common goal. Finding top talent may seem like a guaranteed way to create a hard working team. The idea that if you, as an employer, hire only the best […]

From Website Right To Website Wrong Development


In the ever expanding cyberspace, it can be hard to keep up with the latest technology, terminology, and skill sets required to master the web. In the absence of this knowledge, it is important to seek guidance from industry professionals who understand it best. First, you need to understand the different types of website building […]

We Hate Your Website For 8 Reasons


Your website is the digital soul of your company, providing insight about who you are and what you are about to potential new clients. Why then, are websites so hard to get right?