What is Multi-Channel Marketing?

What is multi-channel marketing?

If you are fascinated enough by marketing to read the Chilli blog, then you may have heard the phrase, ‘Multi-Channel Marketing’. Sure it sounds a bit overwhelming, but it’s really just a phrase created as a response to current consumer trends.

The answer:

Multi-channel marketing, is simply communicating to potential customers across a variety of channels including both traditional and non-traditional formats.

Basically this means instead of starting a radio campaign or social media campaign, you are flooding the market with your message across various mediums. Today’s consumers have a shorter attention span than the consumers of yesterday and our marketing needs to adapt to that trend.

What does today’s consumers attention span have to do with my marketing efforts, you ask?

Consumers today have many opportunities to view your message, they may read an article on their phone, a blog post on their tablet, their emails on a desktop and flip through a magazine or read a newspaper.  In order to best prepare for these variances, you have to do a little research to get to know your buyer.

Successful multi-channel marketers are those who identify the mediums their customers use and learn to understand how their target customers move between different mediums to great a cohesive experience.

How do I learn how to successfully market my business via multiple channels?

Multi-Channel Marketing establishes your business’ presence across all of these places.  Blogs, social media, email, print, tv, radio and much more. But its more than just have a presence on all of these channels. You have to give your clients a carrot to engage them.

Five Simple Steps:

  1. Identify your target market and their habits to decide which channels to focus your efforts.
  2. Create your message with a consumer focussed manner. Stop pushing your agenda on your clients. Give them something they care about. HELPFUL, RELEVANT CONTENT. (I wonder how many times we’ve used that phrase on this blog before?)
  3. Ensure that all the channels you are using to market are in sync with one another. Get your message across in a consistent manner.
  4. As we mentioned earlier and have certainly told you before, consumers are using multiple platforms to access all of your great content. MAKE SURE YOUR WEBSITE IS RESPONSIVE.  (Sure you’ve heard about Google’s new algorithm, if not, call us today. Seriously.)
  5. Use analytics. This one is a given with any marketing efforts but we know it sometimes gets overlooked.  If what you’re doing isn’t giving you the type of website traffic you expected then you need to adapt what you’re doing, now. So pretty please, for us, use your analytics.

Finally, the goal here is to utilise the mediums that your target market is using and providing them great, relevant marketing messages to entice them and build trust and confidence in your business.