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If you came here by searching “logo design sunshine coast”, we’re here to open your eyes. It’s never just a logo design. It’s a personality that carries your brand across the marketing landscape, through to your customers eyes, minds, and hearts. It’s the entire vision you portray across social media, your website, company brochures, emails and more. It’s everywhere, so you want it to look good, and you want it to last the distance. That’s where Chilli come in.

At Chilli, branding is one of our biggest passions. We don’t put a logo on a blank piece of paper and send you off. We breathe life into your entire brand and we market it to achieve the longevity and results you crave. From our Sunshine Coast brand design studio to our strategic marketing team, we cover all the bases and elicit real growth for your business. Your brand and style guide includes business cards, letterhead design, email signatures and more, giving your business a strong base to go into the market and succeed. Chilli offer businesses branding in Noosa, Caloundra, and everywhere in between, so contact our team today and get started.

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New brand

Chilli currently creates 50+ new brands per annum, so over the last three years, we have developed in excess of 150 totally new brands to market. Of these only 1 brand no longer exists, vastly different results to the statistics showing 50% of all new businesses fail in the first 12 months. As much as we would like to claim our client’s success is due to their Chilli created brand, our clients understand their brand is so important, it is their promise to their clients, it’s the lifeblood of their business.

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Brand refresh

Do you have some great equity in your current brand but feel it’s time for a refresh? At Chilli, we have been working with businesses of all sizes in refreshing their existing brands since 1993. This may include refreshing the current logo/identity, but always includes how your logo is used in execution: stationery, printed collateral, online communications, right through to your email signature. We build you a brand style guide which is in essence a visual guideline on how to use and manage your new refreshed brand in all future activity.

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Rebranding your business can be a massive opportunity on so many fronts. It’s a great opportunity to go to market with a new product offering, new service levels or to reestablish your business completely. Working with many businesses on rebranding projects we have the experience, the resources and the skill set to confidently offer a second to none experience and outcome for you.

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