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We are dedicated to bringing your story to life.

We believe every business has a story and the ability to connect with their audience through stand-out content creation.

Our content creation division was formed due to the demand from our clients for cost-effective content created by a team who live and breathe video, photography and results.

 From the initial consultation, creating your storyboard, scriptwriting, the production shoot, through to editing; our creative approach will knock your socks off!

We work with you on the marketing of your production – be it online, social, or for corporate and trade events, our Marketing Strategists will make sure it’s delivered on time and on budget.

Although the Sunshine Coast is our base, we have worked with many clients locally, Australia wide as well as producing video and imagery for clients in Indonesia, Fiji and as far afield as Cape Town, South Africa.

We take pride in crafting functional and engaging stories that create meaningful connections. Check out some of the professional videography and photography services we offer.

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How We Work

We follow a three-step process to ensure you get outstanding results.



Included as part of our pre-production process, our marketing team will assess the tactics behind the production, looking at your objectives and strategic direction to be achieved via video and imagery.

From there, our creative and graphic design team may establish a storyboard; working with our content and copywriters in formulating your scripts and generating your winning copy.

Our process also offers all the usual location scouting, budgeting, scheduling of your project as well as the logistics and shot lists. This ensures we have a tight brief leading in the production and shooting of your video/imagery in a cost efficient, managed approach.

Videography & Photography



We have invested heavily in the latest technology and equipment to complete our production suite. We have a wide variety of high-end video and stills photography equipment. This includes the ability to capture 4K video and images, through too full onsite and mobile studio setups. We’ve got you covered with all things video and photography; from drone too underwater and everything in between.

Our full production service offering includes access to our passionate and experienced videographers, photographers, graphics team, editors and strategists to ensure your target market loves your production, as much as you do!

Videography & Photography



To complete the package, we do post-production necessities including insane editing, outstanding audio, motion graphics and animation.

What truly sets Chilli a part is our ability to include the success of your production from a marketing aspect, as complementary within our post-production services. We work with you to ensure your new video production is viewed, engaged with and loved online; through your social media, website, client communications and all other touch points by both your current clients and potential customers.

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Companies that utilise video content, on average, receive 41% more web traffic from searches than those who don't.

No longer can businesses use the same stock standard images and expect the same level of interaction and engagement from their clients that they used to. In fact, 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers and a massive 74% of all content viewed online is video!

With 100 million hours of video watched on Facebook every single day it would be nonsensical not to take a bite of the cherry.

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Corporate Video

Whether you’re trying to re-establish your brand, extend your business’ growth, or looking to diversify your organisation’s online presence, corporate video is an excellent way to capture the attention of your clients.

Product Videos

Marketing your products with video content is an excellent way to get your customers engaged and keep your brand front of mind. Having trouble getting your products to market? Show and tell your story with video.

Videography & Photography
Videography & Photography

Social Media Videos & Vlogs

Scrolling through your Facebook feed lately, what do you see? If you said video, you’re right on the money! In the not too distant future, video will be all that you see on social media. Don’t be late to the party…

Action Sports & Lifestyle Videos

At Chilli, our videos capture the action and reflect your lifestyle. Whether it’s extreme kiteboarding, drone footage above the gorgeous Sunshine Coast or lifestyle shots of retail precincts, we are the team with all the kit!

Videography & Photography
Videography & Photography

Training Videos

Break away from the everyday dreadful training video. Create something captivating and inspiring with Pepper. We can help you create engaging and educational training videos to help keep your team on the front foot.

Promotional Videos

When it comes to promotional videos, it is vital to understand your audience so that your video has maximum impact. We can help you create a strategic, turn-key video solution to accompany your promotional tactics.

Videography & Photography
Videography & Photography

Branded Videos

The art of creating an effective and creative branded video is one which we have confidently mastered at Chilli. You don’t have to be a house hold name to see the benefits a branded video can provide. Don’t believe us? See the results for yourself!

Educational Videos

Thanks to the likes of YouTube and Video, online education has never been easier! If you’re an educational provider, or perhaps you have some informative tips to share, there was never been a more engaging medium than digital video.

Videography & Photography
Videography & Photography

Event Coverage

Cover the important moments with creative, cinematic experiences for your business. Our team can capture the events that mean most to your brand with strategic and engaging video to accompany the moments that mean most.

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