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Chilli’s unique creativity and vision exceeds the expectations of our clients and as a result, Chilli has built a robust list of clientele.

Based on the Sunshine Coast and delivering results nationally, we’ve got the keys to success and then some.

Our team is a rare mix of dedication, drive and creativity. It’s time to let us in the driver’s seat and put those gears into motion. When partnering with Chilli, not only do you partner with the best strategic marketing team on the planet (yeah we said it), you get top-notch customer service, innovation, 25+ years’ experience and most importantly, you get results.

Chilli is also one of just six companies in Australia, and the only agency on the Sunshine Coast, listed as a Certified Partner with DigitalMarketer. We chose to partner with DigitalMarketer because in an unregulated industry like marketing, it provides another layer of certification and recognition for the experience, skills and services we are well-equipped to deliver.

Chilli has the collective experience and skills to bring your project to life. From marketinggraphic designweb development, SEO, copywriting, social media, strategic planning, advertising, videography and creative design that’ll knock your socks off, you can rest assured we’ve got what you need for your next marketing project.

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About our founder

Darren Blake Chilli Group

Darren Blake

Company Director

Darren Blake is a strategic marketing specialist and branding guru with more than 20 years’ experience in delivering creative solutions for business across 1000 + diverse brands from household names to urban legends.

He is the Founder and Director of Chilli Group, a dynamic advertising agency providing creative, marketing, web, advertising and online services, based on the Sunshine Coast and with a client reach that extends interstate and nationally.

Widely experienced in devising and implementing strategic marketing campaigns for a range of sectors, Darren has extensive knowledge and proven results for organisations including CQ University, Secrets, Sunshine Coast Mazda, Hertz, Comlink and Sunshine Coast Council.

In his 25 years sitting across the boardroom table from business owners, directors and marketing managers, he has taken great pride in being the catalyst for businesses to achieve their growth goals.

‘Sound tactics’ and ‘nothing works in isolation’ are popular missives Darren fires off in his communications.

He founded the well-renowned industry publication, Business Matters Magazine and for many years wrote and contributed articles for the magazine on marketing for results. Business Matters continues to matter to business on the Sunshine Coast.

Another venture that enjoyed Darren’s ‘Midas touch’ is Tantrum Wake, an online import business he created and developed before selling in 2010. The business trades successfully to this day.

Darren has lectured and tutored in a range of marketing subjects at Sunshine Coast University and facilitated sales and marketing workshops for large corporations through to small to medium sized enterprises.

Over his years in business, Darren has provided pro bono services in support of a number of local charitable organizations including Wishlist and the Cancer Council of Queensland.

His expertise and business acumen in the field of marketing has been recognised by industry peers, having been the recipient of awards including the Znet National Editors Choice Award for Australia’s Best Promotional Material. Darren is also a regular name on the Q400 Award list that annually recognises Queensland’s most successful entrepreneurs.

About Chilli
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Our set us apart


We believe in WHY

We ask why. Why are we undertaking any specific activity? Why this post? Why this message?


We believe in STRATEGY

Intelligent Creative is our approach to ensuring all creative implementation has sound intelligence. It’s a strategic approach to everything we undertake on behalf of our clients.


We believe in TRANSPARENCY

We are honest, transparent and trustworthy. We live and breathe this in all our interactions as individuals and as a team.


We believe in MEASUREMENT

Results matter. We believe in measuring real metrics which change your business.


We believe in MARKETING

We are marketers. We work with you on the whole client journey, not just on awareness through advertising. Advertising is one of the many marketing tactics we employ, but not our sole focus.


We believe in the CUSTOMER JOURNEY

Rather than a 40-page marketing plan which will be left on the shelf, we work with you on creating a functional customer value journey. This is your one-page, key framework allowing you to optimise by stage for real results.


We believe in 'SO WHAT?'

Great copy and content should always be questions. We ask the “so whats” to ensure your message cuts through and elicits an emotional response.


We believe in IMMERSION

Immersing ourselves in your business, creating a true partnership and becoming an extension of your team is how we help in ensuring your business reaches its goals.


"The Green Chilli"

The Green Chilli is all about creating a sustainable working environment. Our offices were chosen back in 2006 not just for their great waterfront location, but for their positive sustainable attributes. We installed floor to ceiling bi-fold doors and shade sails to enable our working environment to be naturally ventilated; therefore, greatly reducing our use of air conditioning.

Our entire office management and accounting systems are now cloud based, allowing us to run a paper free office. The only paper utilised is for the printing of colour proofs at the client’s request.

Our culture of sustainability is practiced by the entire team.


We are always open to meeting new talent. If you think you would like to work for Chilli and have something to offer us, then please send us an email with your resume and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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