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A brand is one of those words that is widely used, yet the definition can often be misconstrued. The most common definition of a brand, however, is that branding encompasses the logo design of your business. But there is much more to it than just a pretty image and/or typography… There are a million and one things other than a logo to consider when you’re looking to brand your business.

Brand recognition plays a major role in our modern day lives, even when you’re not thinking about it. It’s about your corporate identity! It’s about designing a brand that encompasses your business, launching that brand and supporting it with brand marketing.

Finally, it’s about living and breathing that brand throughout your entire business. At Chilli, branding is one of our biggest passions. We don’t put a logo on a blank piece of paper and send you off. We breathe life into your entire brand and we market that brand so that you achieve the longevity and results you crave. From our design studio to our strategic marketing team, we cover all the bases and send you home happy.

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Brand Refresh

Do you have some great equity in your current brand but feel it’s time for a refresh? At Chilli, we have been working with businesses of all sizes in refreshing their existing brand since 1993. This may include refreshing the current logo/identity, but always includes how your logo is used in execution: stationary, online, client communications, right through to your email signature. We build you a brand style guide which is, in essence, a visual guideline on how to use and manage your new refreshed brand in all future activity.

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Rebranding A Website


Rebranding your business can be a massive opportunity on so many fronts. It’s a great opportunity to go to market with a new product offering, new service levels or to reestablish your businesses. Working with many businesses on rebranding projects we have the experience, the resources and the skill set to confidently offer a second to none experience and outcome for your business.

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New Brand Creation

New Brand

Chilli currently creates 50+ new brands per annum, and over the last three years, we have developed in excess of 150 totally new brands to market. Of these only 1 brand no longer exists, vastly different results to the statistics showing 50% of all new businesses fail in the first 12 months. As much as we would like to claim our client’s success is due to their Chilli created brand, our clients understand their brand is so important, it is their promise to their clients, it’s the lifeblood of their business.

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Over the past 25 years, we’ve had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects from conception to implementation. Our projects are varied (just like our talents) and we’re so happy to share them with you. Take a look at our portfolio and see how we’ve helped our clients…

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