5 Reasons why Small Businesses should be using WordPress.

Since WordPress launched in 2003, it has become one of the world’s leading content management systems. It is used by more than 74 million websites throughout the world, publishing new posts every second. The reason behind WordPress’ high popularity is simply the fact that it is an extremely powerful tool. If you are a small business owner, you should choose WordPress as the CMS for your website. Why you may ask? Well let’s go over 5 of the top reasons.


Number One: It’s affordable and flexible

Whether it is a small, single page site or a huge online shop with thousands of products, WordPress is incredibly affordable. In fact, because WordPress is open source, the base installation is totally free! Being open sourced has other benefits too; you can easily alter or enhance its source code to add custom functionality and pretty much make the website look and function exactly as you desire.

Even if you have no experience in web development, there are various plugins and themes available in WordPress through which you can give your website a customised look.

You may ask, what happens if my business grows? Can WordPress handle the increased traffic? Never fear, some of the biggest websites on Earth have WordPress at their core; Time Magazine, New York Times, News.com.au, and The Australian all run a customised version of WordPress. These websites handle millions of users visiting their site, every single day.


Number Two: It’s Helpful for search engines

Google actually prefers sites that are powered by WordPress over the ones that are not. They do so because WordPress based sites are really easy to crawl for their bots. Google’s Matt Cutts endorsed the platform at WordCamp of San Francisco in back in 2009 and even used it himself  to create his personal blog.


Number Three: It’s Secure

Being one of the most popular CMS available in the world, there is no doubt that hackers have tried to attack its users. However, WordPress takes its security very seriously! WordPress also updates its core software constantly and it even has an automatic update feature since Version 3.7.

However, one thing to bare-in-mind is that once you start adding third-part plugins and themes, you are more at risk of being hacked. These plugins and themes rely on their developers releasing security patches regularly to combat the latest threats. An experienced web developer should be able to provide guidance in this area.


Number Four: It’s Multimedia Optimised

Often, slow websites are due to too many large images or videos on a page. This can cause your users to lose patience waiting for the website to load, and leave, causing your website’s bounce rate to increase and in-turn hurting your SEO rank (dropping your website down the search results rankings).

To try and help you avoid this, the platform tries to make sure the images on a page are optimised by only serving up the correctly sized images for the device you’re viewing on. For example, if you are only viewing an image on a mobile device, there’s no point loading the very large, high resolution image that is used when viewing the website on a large computer monitor. Instead, WordPress will server up a smaller, faster image appropriate for that screen size.

If videos are important in getting your message across or selling your products, it enables you to integrate a video very easily while uploading one with just a few clicks. You can even add codes that can be embedded like YouTube or Vimeo videos.


Number Five: WordPress is Easy to Use

Many businesses have used WordPress without much of a hassle for years. The platform is genuinely user-friendly, affordable, and easy to learn. This allows you to quickly and easily make edits on your website, instead of having to contact a web developer who will charge you for even the simplest of edits.

So, need a WordPress expert to rebuild your old website? Our web developers and designers know exactly how to develop your site to best communicate your business. Whether it’s developing it from scratch according to your specific standards, or rebuilding what you have to make it work better for you, they will deliver. Customisation is our strong suit; everything is done with you in mind. Contact our team of developers today. We’d love to hear from you.


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