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Have You Forgotten About Email Marketing?  

26 Jul 2017
We may not have spoken about email marketing exclusively for some time, but it really is a staple in the mix of integrated marketing strategies. It has been tried and proven to really work at cutting through to your target market when executed correctly. With this in mind I thought it was time for a quick refresh on a few email marketing best practice tips for you to get the results you need from investing your time, resources and budget into email marketing. We have put together 5 top tips to ace your email marketing with all the things you need to get the mix right:

Understanding Corporate Branding: What Defines Your Brand?

05 Jul 2017
A brand is one of those words that is widely used, yet the definition can often be misconstrued. The most common definition of a brand, however, is that branding encompasses the logo design of your business. But there is much more to it than just a pretty image and/or typography… At its core, a brand is intangible – you can’t feel it, touch it, or see it. And that is why we tend to misuse the word. When we are dealing with anything difficult to define, it’s easier to begin with what it is not, rather than what it is:

Why Your Website Needs a SSL Certificate

19 May 2017
What is a SSL Certificate?

Choosing a Digital Agency That’s Right for You and Your Business

04 May 2017
The digital marketing landscape is changing so quickly that it can be hard to keep up.  Trying to differentiate between your SEO, CMA, SMM and SEM is hard enough without having to worry if the digital agency you hired is actually communicating with you and your audience the right way. You might not even know what you want or what to look out for in your digital agency search, so we have put together a list of things to consider to make your search as pain-free as possible. You need to actually like them

3 Quick Tips For Planning An Effective Google Adwords Campaign

29 Mar 2017
So you're thinking about setting up a Google Adwords Campaign to drive more traffic to your site? Or maybe you've recently been asked to look into it in an attempt to pad out those thin website traffic numbers? No matter the reason, it's important that your campaign is setup correctly to maximize its effectiveness. You don't want to have another meeting in 2 months’ time only to discover that you've thrown good money away chasing the wrong clicks. Instead, why not put in the time now to effectively strategise your campaign?

How To Create a Marketing Campaign That Cuts Through The Noise 

15 Mar 2017
Perhaps you have created a truly great product. But then you have to market that product. Where do you start? A marketing campaign isn’t as simple as you think. The marketplace is packed with products, more ideas are introduced every single day. If you don’t get seriously creative, your product will lose its way and fail to grab the attention of your target audience. Many small businesses misunderstand the significance and importance of marketing. Read our blog on how to use marketing to your advantage for some insight on using marketing tactics for your brand.  

What Is Client Experience and Why Does It Even Matter?

06 Mar 2017
Creating stunning client experiences is a high priority for many businesses; a need for remaining front-of-mind with customers, and ahead of the competition as the industry continues to grow more competitive. What is your vision for the clients who walk through your door, call your office, or email through enquiries? How are they greated, engaged with, and spoken to? Is the company vision conveyed through all customer touch points of the business? Does everybody in your team comprehend the disposition and practices expected to convey that experience reliably?

Developing Your A Team, One Player At A Time

24 Feb 2017
Building and fostering positive working relationships is paramount to the success of any organisation, particularly those who work closely with clients and partners to reach a common goal. Finding top talent may seem like a guaranteed way to create a hard working team. The idea that if you, as an employer, hire only the best from top organisations and universities you will quickly have a highly skilled team. While skill sets are an important aspect to consider, it shouldn’t be the be-all-and-end-all when creating a strong, versatile, adaptive, and progressive ‘A Team’.

Myth Busting: Do You Know How SEO Really Works?

10 Feb 2017
SEO. Three simple little letters that can easily confuse and boggle the minds of marketers and small business owners alike. But the power of Search Engine Optimisation is certainly one to be celebrated. According to industry experts, to say SEO has “changed a lot” would be the understatement of the decade! The digital game has changed significantly for SEO in 2017 as technology continues to evolve and advance.

Changing Your Brand’s Public Perception Through Marketing

02 Feb 2017
Brands out there have it pretty tough in today’s modern, digital world. Your products, staff, organisation and public image are out on display 24/7. So it’s important to make sure you are continually making the right impression on those who matter most – your customers (especially potential customers). A common problem experienced by many brands is what we at Chilli like to call ‘The Crust Theory’. Problem: my kid won’t eat their crusts (i.e. some people don't like my brand or product). Therefore, we need to change our customers' perception of our brand and/or product offering.

5 bad business habits you need to break in 2017

21 Dec 2016
At this time of the year, we usually start thinking about making New Year resolutions and either decide to kick that tin can down the road or else we make ‘em and break ‘em in quick order.

Stand out from the crowd in 2017 with cross-cultural marketing

14 Dec 2016
If we consider cross-cultural marketing in its purest form, we need to think about consulting experts in a variety of different ethnicities and crafting multilingual and multicultural advertisements and promotions. This can become expensive, challenging and quite frankly, a very scary road to travel.

From Website Right To Website Wrong Development

23 Nov 2016
In the ever expanding cyberspace, it can be hard to keep up with the latest technology, terminology, and skill sets required to master the web. In the absence of this knowledge, it is important to seek guidance from industry professionals who understand it best. First, you need to understand the different types of website building professionals. It takes a team with varied skills to build a fully interactive site – not a single individual.   Our web nerds know just what buttons to push. Do you?

Accelerate Small Business Grants Program

22 Nov 2016
  Great news!   The state government has released funding under a grants program to assist small and medium businesses engage effectively with digital media to grow their business by providing targeted assistance. The program provides up to $10,000 matched dollar for dollar to assist small businesses to engage the digital initiatives to grow their business. However, as usual, the timeframes are tight leading into the Christmas period and we have less than 4 weeks to get your submission in.  

Small Business Digital Grants Program

22 Nov 2016
  Great news!   The state government has released funding under a grants program to assist small and medium businesses engage effectively with digital media to grow their business. The program provides up to $10,000 matched dollar for dollar to assist small businesses to engage the digital initiatives to grow their business. However, as usual, the timeframes are tight leading into the Christmas period and we have less than 4 weeks to get your submission in.

Key To Success: Consistent Customer Experience 

16 Nov 2016
No matter what industry you work in, customer service is paramount to how you and your business will be perceived by customers. Sure, some businesses go to extreme lengths to ensure their customers are delighted and remain loyal. But many marketers would argue that simple consistency is the true key to success.

Marketing? What’s That? Small Businesses Misunderstand Importance

09 Nov 2016
A recent Australian survey has found that many small businesses misunderstand the significance and importance of marketing. Many want to know how to use marketing to their advantage, but struggle to find the resources to help them master the process. Many small businesses take a short-sighted view, opting to focus on attracting new clients, rather than marketing their business. Basic Bananas co-founder Christo Hall lead the research team into marketing opinions among small business owners.

PART 2: How To Utilise Email Marketing For Your Business

02 Nov 2016
At Chilli we cannot stress enough the importance of lead nurturing in attracting new potential leads. Converting visitors into leads requires a strong call to action first and foremost. Email campaigns are an excellent way to do this and stay front-of-mind. Only last week we wrote a blog about informational emails. Now it’s time to find out how effective transactional emails can be.

PART 1: How To Utilise Email Marketing For Your Business

26 Oct 2016
In our earlier blog, ‘Amplify Your Lead Nurturing Skills’, we spoke about the importance of lead nurturing. Not only do you need to attract potential leads, but you need to take care of them too. Converting visitors into leads requires a strong call to action first and foremost. Email campaigns are an excellent way to do this and stay front-of-mind.

How To Create An Effective And Engaging eBook

19 Oct 2016
At Chilli, we love a good eBook, so much so that we have published 13 of our own and countless editions for our clients. eBooks are a fantastic way to really explore a single topic in great detail. As a valuable lead generation tool, they are a must for any inbound marketing strategy employed by your organisation. For a marketing and communications agency like Chilli, a lot of our eBooks are based around Inbound Marketing, Social Media, Creativity, and Branding, in an effort to provide useful information to our clients and website visitors.

 How Backlinks Work And How To Build Them

28 Sep 2016
Building backlinks into your website is VITAL for effective SEO, and luckily, it’s not as complicated as you may think. Backlinks are links that come to your website from other sources (i.e. emails, other websites, social media, etc.). They are also known as ‘inbound’ links; think of the link coming ‘into’ your website. Backlinks are important for driving traffic to your website and  they improve your organic search ranking on Google too.

Why and How SMART Marketing Goals Are So Important


21 Sep 2016
Setting goals can be daunting if you’re not the planning kind of person. An added sense of pressure can be felt to achieve. Despite your prior experience of setting goals and ACTUALLY sticking to them (I know we all falter every now and again), goals will keep you focused, proactive, and push you to better yourself. Every single Day.   Setting SMART goals amplifies this process further. So let’s break it down into manageable, bite-sized pieces.   S is for Specific

Get Inspired: Post A Blog


07 Sep 2016
Blog [blawg]: An online journal digitally published on a webpage, containing the writers experiences, knowledge, expertise and opinions of relevant industry discourse. 

Amplify Your Lead Nurturing Skills

24 Aug 2016
Lead nurturing is a vital part of any marketing strategy. Not only do you need to attract potential leads, but you need to take care of them too. Producing quality content such as blogs, social media, keywords, and pages are all great ways to attract new visitors to your website. But converting visitors into leads requires a strong call to action first and foremost. Email campaigns are an excellent way to do this and stay front-of-mind. Visitors need to react before they can commit. Once they commit, you can close the lead and transform them into loyal customers.

Colour Theory: How To Create A Rainbow


17 Aug 2016
Colours are a very important part of any brand strategy. Sometimes when you think of a brand, the colours in their logo spring to mind first. For example, when you think ‘fast food’ you think of the colour red (because of Red Rooster, KFC and McDonalds). As humans it’s in our nature to visualise – we are incredibly visual creatures. You only have to scroll through Instagram and the photos and videos that are full of vibrant colour have the most love. That’s because these kinds of images catch our attention, and we react to that.

Helpful Tools To Market Your Business

10 Aug 2016
It’s important to understand what to do and what not to do when it comes to marketing your business. Navigating this space can be tricky. Especially when you are new to the process. The best tip – seek advice and get the inside know-how before taking the leap. After all, no one knows your business better than you. And no one knows more about marketing than the Chilli team. Let’s combine those skills, shall we? Here is our list of helpful tools to help you market your business: Get To Know Your Target Market

Exploring Guerrilla Marketing

04 Aug 2016
One of the biggest barriers small businesses face when it comes to marketing is budget restraints. You may have this amazing idea for a campaign to gain extra media attention. But suddenly it seems too extravagant and out of reach. Luckily there is a creative solution to this problem - guerrilla marketing. If you are willing to be flexible and take a little risk, guerrilla marketing is a strategy that can work really effectively. And it doesn’t require a big budget.

5 Misconceptions About Inbound Marketing

28 Jul 2016
Inbound Marketing has been the latest trend in marketing for some time now. Businesses are taking advantage of tools and resources to create impactful messages and campaigns. But with any trend, misconceptions will easily be made about what it actually is. 

Content-Based SEO for Blogging

14 Jul 2016
If you're simply hoping to review the nuts and bolts of content-based SEO for your next post then you're where you ought to be. You've arrived on a basic, yet viable, manual for streamlining your next blog. In this post, we'll teach you keyword research tips, how to choose terms, what components to highlight within an individual post, and more.

Thinking About Rebranding?

07 Jul 2016
If your brand were a person, who would it be? And would you want to be associated with them?

Get In Touch With Your Sensitive Side

23 Jun 2016
Advertising that enables cut through to the consumers usually encompasses emotion. How do you feel bout that?

Intern Em Experiencing the Chilli Difference

10 Jun 2016
Being an intern is no easy feat. There are a lot of skills you need to learn, deadlines you need to meet, cryptic instructions you have to decipher and coffees you have to make…but sometimes when you’re really lucky, you get an incredible intern.

We Hate Your Website For 8 Reasons

08 Jun 2016
Your website is the digital soul of your company, providing insight about who you are and what you are about to potential new clients. Why then, are websites so hard to get right? 

Is Your Brand Experience Forgotten

03 Jun 2016
You may have a well established brand, you know your identity and you know how to operate. You’re all ready to go, right? Wrong! Have you ever considered how your brand experience plays a part in the process? Do you deliver on your brand promise? Very few businesses actually do… Here’s a few statistics on the challenges of delivering a consistent brand experience to customers. How does your brand stack up?

The Rules for Writing Copy That Sells

18 May 2016
So you’re trying your hand at writing your own copy, but not sure how to take it from good to great and words to sales? Well we’ve got some tried and true rules for you to follow that will help you write copy that is by definition, compelling. Brevity and clarity are essential to ensure that your message is digestible. This is the only way to get your words actually read. That being said, the clearest, most concise copy ever written is still a bust if it doesn’t compel its readers to act.

10 Great Brainstorming Techniques For Your Team To Produce Their Best Work

18 May 2016
So are you wondering why you haven’t been getting outstanding, creative ideas from your team when brainstorming? Well it’s all about starting with the people involved. And when we say ‘people’ we mean the actual number of people in the room!

8 Reasons To Embrace Specialised Inbound Marketing

11 May 2016
Inbound Marketing. It’s a strategy we at Chilli pride ourselves on. We have been offering our skills in this area to many businesses all over the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. But time and time again we run into client confusion over what it is exactly…

Remarkable Branding Creates Culture 

05 May 2016
There are millions of brands out there and our poor customers are subjected to the most cluttered marketplace they have ever seen, over saturated with messages and clutter. If you are going to compete against this clutter and make sure your brand is strong against your rivals, you need to make sure you are always ‘out there’. You need to be top of mind when your customer is suddenly ready to think about you.                                                                                     

Five Instagram Tips For Getting The Most Hits

15 Apr 2016
Ah Instagram, not hard to get right but seems to be so easy to get wrong. Image quality, content type, relevance and style are all important factors when deciding what content to publish online. But for this visual tool, Instagram can provide a great deal more than just pretty pictures. These are Five Instagram Tips For Getting The Most Hits!

The Power of Networking

16 Mar 2016
Before the days of the internet social media and platforms like LinkedIn, professionals had to connect with one another face-to-face. Scary concept to think of in this day and age, but the benefits of networking events and making professional relationships traditionally are still valid and very strong in 2016.

How To Get More Followers on Instagram

24 Feb 2016
It should come as no surprise that Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks to date and continually growing with each passing day. With such great popularity, comes an incredible opportunity for businesses to make a huge impact with very little investment.

How to Develop Your Visual Brand on Social Media 

03 Feb 2016
You know that a strong brand is much more than just how it looks, it’s about how it works across all platforms and about how both your business and team embrace it.  When it comes to social media though, how you convey your brand visually is an essential element to great social media presence and success. 

Myths About Marketing

27 Jan 2016
The web is a tangled jungle teeming with conflicting information on marketing. Whether we’re talking about the effectiveness of traditional media in our contemporary digital age, or the relevance of social media in our rapid fire society, or even trying to find out a little more about what marketing is, you’ve got to watch that you’re not stumbling into a trap.

Learn from your competitors: Improve your online presence

20 Jan 2016
Checking out what your competitors are doing can be a great way to see what’s on trend within your industry, or to simply get inspired. Although, try not to fall into the trap of assuming that their methods and strategies are successfully hitting the mark without some actual research.

The Three Social Media Ingredients you need to Measure up In 2016

13 Jan 2016
The New Year is already in full swing and, as you know, social media slows down for no one. Hopefully by now you’ve shaken off the sand, soothed the summer holiday sunburn and are back to business ready to make 2016 the best year yet!

How to Turn First-Time Holiday Buyers into Loyal Customers 

23 Dec 2015
Who doesn’t love the holiday season? Retail sales are through the roof with current customers turning to their well-known brands and shops when purchasing presents and new customers are on the lookout for a great new store. The key though, is not just settling for increased sales during the holiday but turning first-time buyers into lifelong customers. But what does it take to do that? It all starts with listening: 

The Christmas Advertising Evolution

16 Dec 2015
One doesn’t have to be reminded that Christmas is approaching. Our television is dominated by Christmas campaign adverts, our letterboxes are full of retailers claiming to have the best gift ideas and social media is flooded with the same. Every year it all begins earlier and earlier giving us plenty of warning to get out there and start buying. (Just on a week to go and I still haven’t started!!)It has been quoted that Christmas is the greatest marketing campaign of all time.

Don’t Lose Out On Holiday Sales! Here’s How To Prepare Your Site! 

18 Nov 2015
With Christmas right around the corner it’s absolutely essential that your ecommerce website is prepared for the orders it’s (hopefully) about to be inundated with. The last thing you’d want is to lose out on business during the busiest time of year because of something small you could have easily prevented. To help you prepare we’ve put our heads together to come up with a list of recommendations that will ensure you don’t miss out.

Why your company needs brand guidelines

11 Nov 2015
Not exactly sure what brand guidelines are, how they are created and when they should be utilised? Hopefully this article will clear away any uncertainties and help you understand the importance of brand guidelines and how they can assist in maintaining consistency and aid in building equity for your brand.

How to Create a Great Marketing Video!

04 Nov 2015
Our clients are constantly asking what our thoughts on marketing videos are. We’ll tell you, we think they’re great, if done well. That is the key though, if they aren’t attention grabbing or eye catching or whatever other clever phrase you’d like to use, then they aren’t going to work. So what makes a marketing video great? We’ve put together five simple tips to help you create a memorable video that will market your business in a cost-effective manner. 

Do and Dont's of Creative Thinking

14 Oct 2015
A creative solution doesn't just hit you like a lightening bolt, solving a problem creatively is a process that requires time and patience.

4 Websites That Inspire a Web Developer

23 Sep 2015
A brief foray into the mind of a web developer, what makes us tick, what we're interested in. Yes, I'm a web developer, we are an odd bunch.

5 of Our Favourite Design Trends of 2015

17 Sep 2015
It’s hard keeping up with the latest trends each year, so we’ve done some of the leg work for you and put together a list of some of our favourites from this year so far.

5 Brands We Love

09 Sep 2015
Many brands have become such a part of our lives, some for many years and others more recent.  It’s fascinating to read how the popular brands and products were first developed.  Think again if you think your brand is just about creating a logo.

What is Multi-Channel Marketing?

07 Sep 2015
Basically this means instead of starting a radio campaign or social media campaign, you are flooding the market with your message across various mediums. Today’s consumers have a shorter attention span than the consumers of yesterday and our marketing needs to adapt to that trend.

4 Clever Ways to Boost Your Marketing with Visual Content

02 Sep 2015
Rapid absorption of information is the main aim of web users in our age of social media posts, vines, and micro-blogs. While content is absolutely key, as human beings we’re naturally drawn to visual content over long blocks of text.

7 Reasons to Adopt White Space in Design

26 Aug 2015
White space is often misunderstood and more often than not viewed as a waste of space. Most designers at an early stage in their career have been requested by clients to fill up the space with more content – feeling they are getting more bang for their buck. When correctly implemented, white space enhances readability, effectively prioritises information, balances design elements, and provides maximum exposure of your brand.  

Creativity - You're Not Just Born With It

05 Aug 2015
I’m a graphic designer and when I first meet someone and I tell them what I do for a living, often the response is “Wow, I could never do that job, I don’t have a creative bone in my body!”

The Importance of a Third Party Perspective

22 Jul 2015
Sometimes, all it takes is someone else’s fresh perspective to help you clarify you’re on the right track. This definitely applies to one of the most important aspects of your business: your marketing. 

Marketing Automation – Call to Actions Count

17 Jul 2015
Calls-to-action (CTAs) are one of the key lead generation elements, and they should be used in each and every one of your marketing tactics: emails, social media, press releases… the list goes on. 

Charlie and the Marketing Factory

08 Jul 2015
Repeat after me, ‘I’ve got the Golden Ticket'.That is, you will once you read this blog about Strategic Marketing.

Why you should care about your digital marketing stats

26 Jun 2015
In a world driven by efficiency it is critically important that you get the best bang for your buck everytime. Make the most of your digital marketing stats STAT!

Advertising campaigns, integration across mediums

11 Jun 2015
Integrated messaging is key! Ensure the messaging on each platform used throughout your campaign has a clear call to action, or directs your target audience to somewhere specific, whether it be your website or your front door. 

There’s a hole in my bucket dear Liza………

04 Jun 2015
Henry had a problem, a hole in his bucket. He went to Liza for a solution.  I am sure you know how the story goes. Liza was able to offer some advice; all of which presented further problems resulting with the bucket still leaking.

9 great brand building tips for small business

28 May 2015
Are you a small business looking to build or implement your brand in the marketplace but not quite sure how?

Introverts, Extroverts and everyone in between

18 May 2015
Everyone knows that brainstorming is a great way to come up with a solution to a problem as a group.  However brainstorming isn’t a perfect process and can sometimes be difficult for some personalities.  Research has found that while group-brainstorming sessions are great to get extroverts into their creative groove, they can actually be stifling for an introvert.  So Chilli embarked upon a team building session to help us “get” each other a little better.

Ever Feel Like You’re Swimming Against The Tide?

06 May 2015
As a business owner, you might sometimes look around and think that you’re the only one giving any thought to marketing or how to drive new business. If you take a second look you might realise you have a whole team of marketers at your disposal.  Your employees are an untapped resource when it comes to perspectives on the businesses interaction with clients and customers, how it fares against competitors and opportunities to expand service offerings.

Organised Chaos is a great band name but not a way of life 

23 Apr 2015
Look, I’ll be honest with you, the words ‘Planning’ and ‘Organisation’ are not two words that insight a thrill in my soul. And I won’t even get into what talking about Excel spreadsheets does to me.  But, that doesn’t mean I can’t see the value in it.  

Know your Target Market

15 Apr 2015
You may have heard the marketing jargon ‘target market’ a great number of times when discussing your marketing efforts but why is a target audience important in marketing?

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.....Groovy Baby

25 Mar 2015
The 60’s have been called “the coming-of-age” for advertising or the decade of “creative revolution.”  

The Foundation of Creative

18 Mar 2015
Here at Chilli, we attack creative processes in a way that looks something like this…okay it looks a lot like this – start with a good dose of Strategy and Planning, fill it out with some solid Concept, Creative and Copy, and finish it off with some good ol’ Measurements and Results.

The evolution of a great “Big Idea”       

11 Mar 2015
Coming up with a great “big idea” takes research, a deep understanding of the target market and the company we are developing the concept for, collaboration and a lot of ideas that don’t make the grade.

Online v Traditional Media - Content Approach

04 Mar 2015
One common mistake that businesses make when trying to connect with or reach their target audience, is taking traditional ‘broadcast/push’ content practices and implementing them in the digital space, which is largely driven by viewer ‘demand/pull’ content habits.

Thrill Seeking Marketing 

26 Feb 2015
Marketers have the reputation as being the adventurous, risk taking type, coming up with ideas on the spur of the moment and rushing from deadline to deadline. The secret’s out now - we’re not all thrill seekers.

Currently trending: Marketing automation - 
because it works!

19 Feb 2015
Being in the industry we are constantly coming across new marketing ideas and tools. As with all industries they are always changing, and it is our advantage to stay informed. ‘Marketing Automation’, is the current trending big idea. This one we have run with, researched extensively, and really like what we have discovered. You definitely don’t need to be running an empire; it is suited and beneficial to all businesses. Let me explain what it is. 

Creative that works

11 Feb 2015
Let me tell you, times have changed! The marketplace has changed too, along with people - they’ve become a hell of a lot more advertising savvy and their expectations are continuously evolving. Annoying right? Break the rules and use the right approach to stand out in the crowd!


04 Feb 2015
No, this post isn’t just for the lazy folks, although we don’t discriminate. We know some pretty cool couch potatoes…anyway, it’s time to stop stressing about your marketing and start making it work for you. That’s the whole point!

Why Ecommerce is good for Business

28 Jan 2015
Lets face it, the world of online shopping has taken off.  Customers short on time or who like to easily compare products without walking around the shops can compare in seconds, there are even websites that do it for you!  Some customers even prefer to search and compare prices so they are informed before committing to a purchase in store.

The Importance of Customer Service in Business

21 Jan 2015
Excellence in customer service has always been and will always be the most critical competitive advantage for any business. “No customer walks into your business, gives you money and then says, “Dissatisfy me, please.  Aim for 100% customer satisfaction.” ― Bill Quiseng

Vector and Pixel Based Files Explained

14 Jan 2015
At some point in time your advertising agency has requested you supply a ‘high resolution’ image file or an editable ‘vector based’ logo file for a project. The reason these file formats are requested is to ensure artwork created is optimised and also to provide the best results for the intended end product.  


07 Jan 2015
Creative types might be a little kooky at times but they’re not mind readers.  Do you really want to leave them trying to decipher your stick-figure scribbles? You know your business better than anyone, so arm yourself with a concrete brief to share with them to ensure you get the most out of your experience. 


10 Dec 2014
Only in cartoons do light bulbs appear when ideas strike, in reality it takes much more hard work, stress and often panic. To make your creative process a little easier, we’ve got 5 kick-ass brainstorming techniques that will help you keep those grey hairs at bay.

26 Nov 2014
Innovation and marketing go hand in hand and are both extremely important components for business success. In today’s market with fast changing consumer tastes and increased competition from other businesses, the only way to stay one step ahead or remain dominant is to continually innovate.

12 Nov 2014
No, not colour copies from your printer, I’m talking about engaging, inspirational copy that brings you results.  Any copywriter knows that quality copy comes from a lot more than just putting words together and throwing it onto your website, blog, press ads, or Facebook. No way is that going to get you the results you’re looking for!

29 Oct 2014
Your brand is the public face of your business.  A strong and coherent brand speaks volumes about your business's core ethos, products, services and internal culture.  The term “rebranding” is open to a wide range of interpretations. Rebranding is an involved process that requires much more thought and process than first meets the eye, extending far beyond simply creating a new logo.   Typically rebranding involves the following key areas:

21 Oct 2014
Social media plays such a large roll in the every day life of the average person, so it seems silly not to use it to your businesses advantage, especially as it can be such a far-reaching and cost-effective tool when used correctly. Small businesses that are always aware of the bottom line can particularly benefit from a strong social media strategy.   Below are six steps that, with a little patience, research and trial and error, can help your small business. 1. Figure out what your goals are


15 Oct 2014
Gone are the days of designing fixed-width websites. With the growing convenience of smartphones and other portable devices, designing a responsive, mobile-optimised website will ensure your business doesn’t get left behind.

23 Sep 2014
In a company first, Chilli has recently teamed up with one of our long-standing clients, Sunshine Coast Mazda, and extended our creative reach to designing a vehicle. Chilli has been working with Sunshine Coast Mazda for many years, managing and implementing their marketing and CRM initiatives across the two dealerships. Sunshine Coast Mazda were seeking a campaign that not only had a local flavour, but also something that would give them an added edge in the Coast's car market. And Chilli delivered just that!

23 Sep 2014
In addition to the many exciting things Chilli has been a part of this winter (and there has been a lot) Electric Bike Centre has quickly become one of our favourite topics. Owner and Director Daniel Whiting enlisted Chilli to assist with their marketing endeavours and new website and not to toot our own horn or anything but, toot toot. We are so proud of the work we’ve done with EBC. The newly launched site has proved to be a raging success.  How do we know this you wonder? Well, just 24 hours after launching EBC received an order for a $4,000 bike!

22 Sep 2014
‘Going Viral’ is one of those over used phrases that make business owners and marketers alike cringe.  It couldn’t sound less appealing if it tried but somehow this concept has swept the globe not dissimilar to its very definition. So for those of you who are unsure I will gladly define it for you.  Going viral is, in fact an infection of sorts. It is essentially a concept that has spread not unlike infectious disease however, the concept is typically more appealing than say, small pox. 

Marketing since the YouTube Revolution

28 Feb 2014
Using ‘video’ in marketing has changed drastically thanks to massive technological advancements and innovation in the web. No longer is moving image the preserve of the TVC (television commercial) or clunky corporate videos that date terribly. It has become more accessible, affordable, dynamic and much more usable across different media. And this is great news for small to medium business.

19 Feb 2014
Back in March, my column talked about the importance to getting third party perspective to be able to look at how you can grow your business. We often get so wrapped up in working in our business that we run out of time and energy to work on our business. Yes, I know you have heard it a million times but that is because it’s true! We can’t grow our businesses unless we spend time reviewing, planning and strategising.

10 Feb 2014
Results based creative is important! None of us have surplus marketing budget to throw away on bad ideas. Any materials that need to appeal to your customers and make them act directly impacts on the success of your business…. all ads, all brochures, all online, all point of sale. Whether the simplest of DL flyers or a fully integrated media campaign the principles of how to approach creative to get results are relevant across the board. Sure, your tools have to look good but more than that they need to actually work and deliver you return on your investment!

27 Jan 2014
It is way too long since I have covered branding in this column! We talk to clients and prospective clients about branding all the time, every day in fact. We tend to use big, well known brands as examples simply because everyone in the room can relate to them. The frustration we face all too often is that small business owners say… “branding is different for those guys, they have millions of dollars”.

13 Jan 2014
Considered a ‘communication fad’ in recent years, social networking has become a primary destination for a rapidly expanding universe of online users to manage and enrich their digital lifestyles, both personally and professionally. If you decided that 2009 would be the year that your business got into social networking activities to help your marketing, read on.

05 Jan 2014
It’s that time again to look forward to the year ahead and try to understand what is happening in our consumer’s world that will impact on how they interact with and buy from you. An initial sweep of Google has brought up the following all-important consumer trends expected to boom across the world in 2014:

20 Dec 2013
Advertising used to be so much easier: a simple catchy jingle ("We're happy little vegemites...") or a clever slogan (“Just do it” comes to mind).

06 Dec 2013
Without customers we wouldn’t have businesses. For most of us in business our customers reigns supreme and we spend our days attracting them, servicing them and trying to keep them. To do this we need to understand exactly who they are. Working with businesses we typically find there are several people to factor in along the rocky road to a buying decision…   The researcher – often the instigator, these guys are the ones trawling through and comparing the options (or not, if they have already made up their minds!?).

22 Nov 2013
Ever feel like you can't keep up? As soon as marketers and business owners get their heads around CMS, SEO and PPC something new comes along and baffles us all over again. I am lucky enough to work with plenty of smart, talented people who seem much more au fait with new technology than me (and yes they are younger than me). So I thought I should keep my ear to the ground with our Gen Yers and fill you in on a couple of the recent marketing related innovations that we are being asked about... Don't worry, I will keep it simple.

04 Nov 2013
Now, I know I digressed last month but I promised to embellish on our ‘Creative that works’ series by looking in more detail at how to develop the big idea!

25 Oct 2013
Do you ever find you can stare at a problem for days trying to find a solution, then someone else comes along and almost immediately they tell you exactly what the issue is? Why can they see something we cannot? In many cases it is simply PERSPECTIVE.

11 Oct 2013
As some of you may know, Chilli has had a mini run on office babies with Baby Nelson and Baby Eastman both joining us this joyous year. Consequently, in the Chilli office we have some idea of parent’s difficulty in choosing a name for that darling bundle of delight that will be the perfect fit for Junior’s lifetime.

27 Sep 2013
Give a man a fish… …and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime. 

13 Sep 2013
Any of us would have to be living under a rock to not see the impact of big budget sponsorship in the world of sport, entertainment, charity and business. The recent Rugby World Cup was green with Heineken, this year’s NRL final was the perfect opportunity to launch Telstra’s new look, Melbourne Cup is all about Myer fashion and Polo in the City is more about pearls than ponies thanks to Paspaley.

30 Aug 2013
You expect to pay more for Coca Cola than home brand cola. You’d be incredulous if Kmart sunnies were the same price as Gucci sunnies. Why? Brand equity. You too can realise the financial rewards of positive brand equity. On a day-to-day basis you may be able to charge more for your products or services due to the associated value. Longer term, when that day finally comes to execute your exit strategy you get to benefit from increased sales value of your business.

16 Aug 2013
In recent years, generational labels have become a part of the vernacular with boomers, Xers and Yers all claiming and using their own tags for themselves. These labels are also proving useful to businesses wishing to segment their markets.

Marketing success – why measure and what to measure!

02 Aug 2013
Yawning already? I know that people think of measurement and analysis as the least glamorous part of marketing but nevertheless it’s important!

19 Jul 2013
As a company that partners with our clients for the long term we are often being asked how businesses should choose which consultants and companies they should work with. Whether jumping into bed with a media partner or working on a long term relationship with a marketing consultant, business coach, accountant, solicitor and so on you need to be sure it’s going to work for you and for your business…

05 Jul 2013
Day in, day out we are asked how much is enough to spend on marketing? As you might expect this is a little bit like asking how long is a piece of string. Without wishing to avoid the question, any self respecting marketer would have to respond with ‘it depends’. It depends on the industry, it depends on the business but more importantly it depends on what the business is trying to achieve.

21 Jun 2013
We often focus so much on the shiny and new, that we lose sight of one of the most important resources we have – our actual customers. It is all too common to see existing customers walk out the back door of a business because the business is focusing solely on ways to get new customers to walk in through the front door.

07 Jun 2013
Email newsletters are a popular marketing tool, particularly with small to medium business because they are so cost effective! Whilst they are not the perfect marketing tool they should absolutely be included in most businesses’ arsenal of marketing weaponry.

31 May 2013
In this changing marketing world where advertising has become the most dominate component for promoting brands and creating and generating sales, public relations or PR as it is commonly known, still holds its own as an important marketing tool. PR has many other tools beyond the obvious media release to an editor.

17 May 2013
We are seeing so many businesses today who are vested in the same old routine and would so clearly benefit from exploring their direction, to reawaken and discover the passion at their core. Passion is simply a commitment that has been brought to life. We commit to our passions. And when we do, the passion is contagious. Which of us wouldn’t be more willing to dedicate more of our minds, our time, and our efforts into passions and passionate people?

03 May 2013
Sure, you've thought about it. Maybe started work on a rough outline. Maybe held a meeting or two with your team to discuss a few ideas - nothing strategic, just a few tactics to get things rolling. Right? Unfortunately, that's not really a marketing plan! Now is the time to be thinking strategically and then taking action. That's probably what your competitors are doing.

19 Apr 2013
All businesses need new work coming through the door to run a sustainable business. All businesses have some form of natural attrition and need to ensure they can get fresh business from existing clients and/or new clients. The business owners who set goals and work hard to get new clients are typically the type of business owners we sit around the table with every day discussing marketing. Once in a while we get a client across the table from us that makes an interesting case study.