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So you’ve seen our remarketing ad and now you’re wondering, “how did they do it?!”

It’s strange, we know! Remarketing can feel a little, shall we say…funny, if you’ve never been exposed to it before. It’s also one of the greatest marketing tools out there today.

Remarketing Your Business To The Right People

Picture yourself shopping online, you’ve found the perfect Christmas gift when all of a sudden your child spills their milk and you’re distracted from your computer and forget all about it. Then, a few hours later you log in to Facebook and BOOM, right in front of you is that gift you were just about to purchase. Not only will it serve to jog your memory of a brand or product, but it may even push you over the line and convert you into a paying customer. Not dissimilar to those ‘abandoned shopping cart’ emails (AKA email remarketing) you’ve become so accustomed to receiving. It’s helpful to the customer and it’s helpful to the business conducting the remarketing (yours).


So, How Does It Work?

First you’ll need to use a company that allows remarketing. For the purposes of this blog, we’ll assume you’re using one of the two biggest services: Facebook or Google AdWords. To get started you’ll need to add a remarketing ‘tag’ to your website. This is really just a short snippet of code that will automatically add your website viewers to your remarketing list. Once you have that sorted, it’s a fairly simple process.

  1. Once a visitor comes to your website the remarketing code you’ve applied to it will drop what we call a ‘tracking cookie’ onto their computer and can now track them after they leave.
  2. Once the ‘tracking cookie’ has been applied you have the ability to share ads with them while they browse the internet or Facebook. The ads can be text based, banner ads, videos etc. Facebook/Google AdWords will dictate where the ads can be shown (Facebook, Google Products and a large variety of partner websites).
  3. A potential customer will then see your ad, be reminded of your brand, product or service and click on it for more information. This essentially directs further traffic to your website and increase the opportunity of users converting into customer via inbound marketing and Capture.

Because remarketing allows you to target your message to people who have already visited your website (aka they are already interested in your business), it tends to draw a better ROI than a typical advert. Which is exactly what you’re after when investing your marketing dollars – you want to be able to talk to the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

If you’re feeling a little uncomfortable about the process, you shouldn’t. Remarketing doesn’t allow you spy on someone else’s internet habits; you’ll never know what website’s they are viewing. It only allows you to market your message through a third party vendor who handles all of the background work. You are not invading their privacy, you’re simply providing an opportunity to pick up where they left off on your website and we are all being remarketing to every day, anyway. Don’t fall behind with your marketing, make sure you’re staying ahead.

Now that you’ve reviewed the basics of online remarketing, you’re ready to get started! Contact the team at Chilli today – we would love to hear about how you found our remarketing ad experience and what we can do to help boost your business’ presence online. What are you waiting for? Start remarketing your business to the right people, today!


If you want to find out how to get started with remarketing or would just like a little more information contact us today…

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