Why Your Website Needs a SSL Certificate

What is a SSL Certificate?

A “secure sockets layer” or SSL Certificate is the backbone of our internet security, protecting our valuable information from cyber hackers and criminals.  It is a security protocol that enforces encrypted communication between the web browser (i.e. Safari, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) and the web server (i.e. where your website is hosted). It’s essential for businesses who receive customer information through their website or online store, ensuring it remains confidential and secure. This includes usernames, passwords, addresses, credit card and banking information.


What are the benefits of SSL?


When data or information is sent through the web, it passes through more than one computer before it gets to its destination, meaning third parties could gain access to the information if it isn’t properly protected. The main purpose of a SSL Certificate is encrypting the information between the intended parties, so that while it passes through these third parties, it is full of random characters, making it virtually impossible to decipher, and therefore useless. If an SSL is not applied, this information is submitted in plain text, meaning it’s susceptible to prying cyber eyes.

The easiest indication of whether a site is secure, is through the ‘https’ protocol in the website address. For example, Chilli’s website URL address was previously:


But now, our website URL appears as:



It’s a subtle change, but it means a world of difference to your cyber security and customer safety online. If a website still has the outdated ‘http’ website address, customers will know that the site is not secure.  Studies have indicated that consumers are very aware of this protocol and will be reluctant to share information or complete transactions with an unprotected website.

Having a website that is not secure can have dire consequences for your business.  Google will now be labelling any websites that do not have SSL as “not secure”.



If you have an online store or take any kind of payments through your website, you MUST have a SSL Certificate and at least 128-bit encryption on your site to comply with Payment Card Industry Compliance. This requirement ensures that your customers’ information is secure and cannot be intercepted by third parties, benefiting not only your customers but your business’ reputation. By displaying authenticated seals or badges that show customers your site is secure, customers have an added level of assurance and trust in the brand and business.


Does SSL boost your Google ranking?

Https is by no means a new protocol, but it is a new recommendation from Google. In 2014 Google started their initiative to make the web more secure and introduced the slogan “https everywhere”. As a result, all Google searches quickly became https secured, and now websites are starting to make the transition. This is why Google now favours SSL Certified websites. Chrome, as a Google product, is also flagging old Http sites as “not secure”. There is simply no excuse now to delay your SSL Certification any longer.

If you weren’t previously familiar with SSL Certificates, you’ll soon start to notice them on your favourite websites. Modern web browsers will display the site as secure; this label is applied beside the beginning of the website’s URL.


Do you want to keep your business’ website secure for your customers? Website security is important to us at Chilli Group. Get in touch with us today and we can update your website with a verified SSL Certificate.

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