Why digital advertising needs to be part of your marketing strategy

Living in a digital world means no one can afford not to have an online presence – it’s where the majority of us are throughout our days. If you’re online but don’t have a digital advertising strategy, then you may as well not be online.

What is digital advertising?

Digital advertising is a vital element of any marketing strategy. It’s an umbrella term for a wide array of marketing activities ranging from content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimisation, website optimisation, and paid digital advertising. 

The benefits of digital advertising for your marketing strategy

  1. It’s cost-effective

Unlike traditional marketing, digital advertising allows small to medium-sized businesses to compete against their bigger rivals affordably. The pay-per-click (PPC) method allows you to determine your budget and work with an amount of money that suits your company – a unique benefit of online marketing. However, the success of your advertising efforts will be reflected by the amount you spend. 

Alternatively, you can also reach out to a digital marketing agency. They will also work with your budget to optimise the digital advertising services you need. The highest cost in digital marketing is time – time to create strategies, campaigns and implement results. 

  1. It’s measurable

To determine whether the strategies you have implemented are driving leads and conversions, you need to be able to measure the results. With digital advertising, you can do that. Every type of campaign has a tracking system. Social media, SEO, and everything in between can be used to measure results through tools like Facebook and Instagram Insights as well as Google Analytics

Tangible metrics including impressions, clicks, comments, shares and conversions allow you to understand how your campaign is performing. From there, you can analyse the results and brainstorm ideas to improve your performance, which in turn means you’ll be running your business better. 

Google Analytics
  1. You can reach a large and specific audience

Digital advertising allows you to reach a much larger and more targeted audience than traditional media, further reducing your overall costs. Typically with traditional marketing, your advertising efforts are broadcast to a wider audience in the hopes some people might be interested in your business. 

With digital advertising, you can zero in on the customers with a specific interest in your business’s services or products who are actively seeking you out. This can be done by optimising your website’s search engine ranking and using social media and PPC to define your target audience. Audience definition includes filters such as age, occupation, gender, hobbies, location, and interests. You can be as specific as you like.

  1. You can reach people at the start of the buying journey

When people begin their buying journey, they turn to the internet to start their search. This is where, if you offer the product or service they’re looking for, it’s a good time to make your presence known and bring awareness to your company. 

The use of online marketing will direct users to your page and build your brand awareness. If leads do not convert immediately, users will still remember your business. This benefits small businesses competing with larger organisations and allows them to grow.

  1. You can make changes as you go

The great thing about digital advertising is nothing is permanent. You can easily make changes to your campaigns from the comfort of your office. Unlike traditional media and marketing, once designs and the copy for flyers and billboards are finalised it can be quite costly to revise any changes. This makes it difficult to make edits mid-campaign to drive better results. With digital advertising, once the campaign is live you have the power to tweak social media ads, update PPC campaigns and content as needed. 

So if you want to strategise your digital advertising efforts and make your online presence count. Let our team get results the results you deserve.  Get in touch today with our friendly team of intelligent creatives today to see how we can help you!

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