Five Instagram Tips For Getting The Most Hits

Ah Instagram, not hard to get right but seems to be so easy to get wrong. Image quality, content type, relevance and style are all important factors when deciding what content to publish online. But for this visual tool, Instagram can provide a great deal more than just pretty pictures. These are Five Instagram Tips For Getting The Most Hits!

  1. Dedicate your content – don’t just post the same stuff from Facebook onto Twitter, then LinkedIn, then Pintrest, then Instagram. Tailor your content accordingly to get the most effect. Sure there will always be a little bit of cross over between Facebook and Instagram when it comes to paid advertising, but your want your organic content to cut through and stand out.
  2. Keep on brand – all imagery being dispersed to the masses should stay on brand. That means stylised posts including business logos, colour schemes, content types etc. specific to your business. Keep it all consistent.
  3. Millennial mindset – Instagram is most widely used by Millennials/Gen Y, therefore content created should appeal to that audience in order to gain the best interaction online.
  4. Step down from Captain – there are plenty of inspirational Instagrammer’s out there, no matter what industry you operate in. So why not hand over control to the motivators? Create hashtags specific to their ‘account take-overs’ and get your audience interested in your brand in a whole new way. This cross promotional exercise will not only benefit you with exciting content, but will also get your brand noticed by a secondary audience (being that of the inspirational Instagrammer), and vice versa. It’s a win win provided the right brand associations are made. You want to make sure the partner you team up with shares the same brand values as your own business.
  5. Enjoy the journey – Instagram is a long-term commitment, growing day by day. So enjoy the journey this social platform will take you on. Experiment with new content and connections to work out the best mix. Mark Aikman, General Manager of marketing services at Mercedes-Benz USA says, “Success is built on the quality of aesthetics. Imagery is everything on Instagram.”

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