Latest Facebook Updates: More Colour, Dark Mode & Simplified Messenger Platform

Facebook has released a string of new updates and a bit of a facelift for it’s Messenger platform, including more colour, less tabs for a more streamlined view and a dark mode for glare reduction. We thought we would give you the highlights of the new update, dubbed Messenger 4, so you can get straight into colour-coding your friends’ chats. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ll just have to read on.. (Oh, the suspense!)

It’s easier to navigate

The tabs across the bottom of the Facebook messenger interface has been reduced down from nine to just three, ‘Chats’, ‘People’, and ‘Discover’. The Chat’s tab will be the users go to for their messages from friends and groups, for starting new conversations and even the camera. The new ‘People’ tab combines Active contacts, and Friends, so that it’s easier than ever to see who is online and view any recent stories people have posted.  Lastly, the ‘Discover’ tab houses everything you can explore, including new music, instant games, discounts and more.

It’s colourful

Not only is your new Chat tab easier to navigate, your conversation can now be full of colour. Facebook Messenger has added a feature that allows users to customise their Chats with colour gradients. These colours can even be changed at any time to reflect your mood or current topic of conversation!


It’s gone ‘dark mode’

Lastly, Facebook has unveiled it’s plans to introduce ‘Dark Mode’ on Messenger. It’s a re-skinned interface that is dark and cuts down a lot of the glare from your phone.

Here’s what the ‘dark mode’ interface looks like..


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