10 Digital Marketing Predictions & Trends for 2018

As digital marketing nerds, we have compiled 10 of the top digital marketing predictions and trends for 2018 that can be implemented for your business. 

  1. Digital Ad Costs Rise

Unfortunately, as more and more marketers and businesses take up a digital marketing approach it is predicted that the cost of Facebook and Instagram advertising will rise over the coming year. This is likely to be an ongoing trend as the ‘space’ for advertising is saturated.
Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean you should divest in digital marketing and advertising.
Now really is the time to build brand awareness, grow audiences and email lists to support future activity.
This also highlights the need for niche, targeted campaigns with high quality creative, lead generation prospects and calls-to-action to get the best possible return on investment.
The main recommendation from digital marketers is to invest now as it’s unknown if you could be priced out of the market in the future.
If you need support developing and implementing a digital strategy for your business, we are here to help. Check out digital service here.

  1. Video on Facebook

The new TV-style development for Facebook called Watch was shared with select creators in 2017. In 2018, it’s tipped this will be available to all people and pages on Facebook. This works alongside Facebook’s consistent mission to develop new features for video sharing. Another reminder that every marketing strategy should include an element of video.
You can read more on this in the Facebook Newsroom here.

  1. Review on Facebook

Digital reviews are becoming increasingly important as consumers consider these to be authentic reviews of your product/service by ‘real’ people.
On Facebook, as they are continually expanding the way a user can leave a review, it is critical you consider most engagements with your Page as a type of review for others to see.
For example, if someone checks-in at your business and leaves a positive or negative comment their network will view this as a direct review of your business.
This is the way word-of-mouth has been running online for some time now and Facebook continuously makes it easier for a user to see how their friends have interacted with a page, so the need to collect positive reviews ongoing is worthwhile to build a reputation.
Another fun tip – you can embed positive review posts on your website, this is a great way to share authentic good-will for your business.

  1. Instagram Continues to Grow

The growth of Instagram has been consistent and businesses have been high on the uptake in the last 6 months.
Instagram has also made it easier for businesses to engage with their audiences and it is the prime place to advertise. As Facebook has saturation issues Instagram has room to move.
Instagram is ideal for brand awareness and engagement, it’s not likely to out-do Facebook, but depending on your audience it’s likely it should be added to your mix of digital advertising.
Do you know who your audience is online? If not, we can help. Get in touch today.

  1. Facebook organic reach is dying, it’s time to budget for your paid space

 Facebook organic reach is decreasing, rapidly. It has been a fairly quick downturn, and with recent news from Facebook, it’s set to continue.
We see 2018 as the end of organic-only digital strategies.
Facebook and Instagram are designed to generate advertising revenue and there is no way to compete in an organic environment only (unless you have celebrity status!).
This doesn’t mean you should stop using Facebook. But it will be very difficult to grow organically.
It’s time to adopt a paid approach.
This requires strategic content selection, placement, targeting, ads management, budgeting and measurement.
If you have an organic following that is super engaged and you can see the results – by all means, continue! You are one of the lucky few.
If not, now is the time to critically review the engagement you are receiving for organic posts and if there isn’t much to report, it’s time to adopt a paid approach and lessen your time investment on organic activity.
For example, if you are posting 5 days a week organically and only getting a handful of engagements. Your time (or your employees time) might be better spent posting once per week, boosting this post to a targeted audience and trialling a new Facebook ad. The options are endless. Posting less will allow you the time to critically review and develop results-driven ads for your Facebook activity.
 So, what does all this mean? On Facebook, you should consider:

  • Post only your best content and target your core audience
  • Post less and boost more
  • Use conversion ads as your lead generator
  • Use video to get more engagement with your audience
  1. Video = Sales

 Read any article about digital marketing and the consistent recommendation is VIDEO.
Billy Gene Shaw who is an American noted as one of the top online marketing influencers, educators, and practitioners, has said, “I guarantee you that a significant percentage of companies that don’t make a serious commitment to selling their product or service with VIDEO will go out of business.”
That’s a pretty bold statement.
It is the era of video. Consumers watch videos for literally everything; news, entertainment, research, reviews, shopping…
It adds up to put your business in the space where your consumers are, that is watching videos.
Videos help build trust and interest amongst your audience. The more trust and interest you can build the more likely your audience will purchase from you.
This also ties into the point for a paid strategy. Your videos aren’t going to help if you can’t get them in front of the right audience.
Have you considered how video can support your marketing efforts? See more of what Chilli is doing here.

  1. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile (we’ve said it before, but we will say it again)

Mobile is at the core of all digital marketing. At Chilli, we have witnessed our customer’s audience’s flip, with the majority of website traffic now all coming from users on a mobile device, this too is regardless of the demographic.
The key for marketing activity in 2018 is to consider the mobile experience and how you can further connect and engage with your audience.
You need to consider how your customer journeys from mobile to transaction with your business, this is all about the cross-platform experience, on mobile, on desktop, in-store, on the phone, how do all of these experiences connect and remain consistent?
Now is the time to invest in web development. If your website is a core of your business and it doesn’t offer a seamless mobile experience you are guaranteed to be losing business and decreasing brand value.
2018 is the time to embrace a ‘mobile-first’ approach to marketing initiatives.
Need help here? We’ve got you covered here.

  1. LinkedIn on the rise

LinkedIn is seeing a resurgence. This may be surprising to some, but if you operate in a B2B landscape there are some exciting opportunities here.
Firstly, LinkedIn has made several improvements across their platform including; a refreshed user interface and advertising capability.
LinkedIn’s targeting allows you to broaden your reach to the right audience easily. This is ideal for B2B as you can directly target users based on industry/profession.
Will 2018 see you add LinkedIn advertising to your mix?

  1. Influencer Marketing Investment Grows

It’s tipped that influencer marketing will become more prevalent as the success of these strategies are seen. It’s tipped that businesses yet to explore this avenue are likely to consider at least one campaign for 2018.
A strategy focussed on influencer marketing can also work hand-in-hand with user focussed activity, like online competitions that drive engagement. The ideal approach to influencer marketing is for it to appear organic.
Check out more on this topic here.

  1. Personalisation Online

Having a personalised online experience will become more widely seen and expected amongst consumers. Having personalisation cuts through the ‘noise’ of digital marketing allowing consumers to feel like businesses are talking to them about products and services they want.
Over the past few years, our clients have utilised the power of personalisation with their email marketing activity, using automation to reach more potential customers based on their website actions.
Personalisation will be taken further in 2018 for both B2B and B2C business looking to personalise all points of the customer journey.


There you have it, 10 of the top trends for digital marketing in 2018.
If you find the ever-changing nature of digital marketing for your business all too overwhelming get in touch and we can develop an actionable, measurable and ROI-minded strategy to get the results you need. There is so much to be gained by embracing new trends and diving into a digital approach to your marketing.

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