There’s no such thing as a Website Designer

It’s no shock to anyone that in this digital world, website design and development is evolving at breakneck speeds. It’s no longer just an option for businesses to have a website, it’s vital for survival. Not only is a website essential, it also needs to be engaging, mobile responsive, easy to navigate, and have a keyword strategy in place for SEO and digital advertising. It’s enough to make anyone ‘s head swarm. Today, however, I want to clarify a topic that’s frequently explained at the Chilli office; there’s no such thing as a website designer. The truth is, the terms ‘website design’ and ‘website development’ reference two completely different aspects of the website building process, and they require two unique skill sets.

A Graphic Designer will create your website design. 

Graphic Designers are the creative experts who will take the decided structure of your website and create a design. Using design software, such as Adobe InDesign, the designer will create a visually pleasing, easy to use and proportionally balanced mock-up of your website. Graphic designers will use your brand colours, logo and identity and carry it across the entire site, ensuring it is uniform and aligns with your business.  This design is what sets your website apart. There is a big difference between a well designed site, and one slapped together by a web developer with only functionality in mind. A poorly designed website can have an enormous effect on your customers’ perception of you. 

A Website Developer will build your website.

During the website development stage, your website design comes to life. The website development is completed in a web-based environment, utilising web graphics and code in a Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress. A web developer will build the website as per the design, as well as any forms, buttons and functionality requirements, such as a shopping cart. 

The skill-set of your website developer can impact your overall website look, usability, speed and more, so you need an experienced and trustworthy team.  You need an agile team with the creativity and experience to design and build you a site that is perfect for your business needs and growth. 

Chilli are your website design and development experts.

Chilli’s web development team can design and build a website that is not only stylish and effective but leaves a lasting impression on visitors.  The benefit of using a creative agency such as ourselves is that we have all the resources you need in-house and collaborate for the best outcomes for our clients. 

Whether you need graphic design, development, video content, copywriting or a campaign that drives traffic and enquiry; we are your experienced marketing team. Contact our team today about a website for your business, or come and see us at our office in Birtinya on the Sunshine Coast.

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