This is the year to build your BRAND

Did you know we are living in a world experiencing the greatest shift in consumer attention?

We are living through an explosive digital era, where it is becoming harder and harder to snatch the attention of consumers. With our focus split between various apps, platforms, digital innovations, and devices.

So, how do you win at marketing? How does your business continue to be successful today, tomorrow, months or even years down the track?

At Chilli, we are incredibly invested in building our clients’ brands, as this is the ONLY single asset that will carry it’s worth across platforms and tactics.

When we talk about ‘brand’ we aren’t just talking about your logo. Your brand is the sum of all your business represents. It’s your logo, tagline, photography, font, colours, language, and your business’s general vibe. It’s how your business as a whole is presented to your target market.

This is the year of BRAND and here are four reasons why it should be your greatest investment.

“Determine who you are and what your brand is, and what you’re not. The rest of it is just a lot of noise.” – Geoffrey Zakarian

1 – Strength across social media

Living through an era of digital disruption should be a driving factor for building your brand and getting your business sorted. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube platforms are popular today, however, its relevance in the future will change. Can you believe we’ll witness a trend of dislike to scrolling through newsfeeds? Technology will change, and your business will need to adapt. We can see this right now with all the fuss around TikTok and claims it’s the next big thing.

Here’s the defining principle: Build your brand today, across multiple relevant social platforms, so you can diversify and not be left with “all your eggs in one basket” when trends shift.

2 – Lifetime loyalty through customer connection

A strong brand will build greater customer recognition and loyalty. Consumers are far more likely to choose your brand over others if they know more about:

  • The mission and vision of your business.
  • Why you’re different from your competitors.
  • The connection they feel to your story.

This should be the year of building your brand. Be authentic and share your values and story. Market your points of difference and stand out amongst your competitors. This is your opportunity to build an emotional connection with the end consumer.

A quick tip: On social media – respond, comment and connect with the people and grow your brand loyalty.

3 – Artificial Intelligence for speech recognition

The science of speech recognition has come a long way. It’s still in the early phases for Australian markets but to future proof your business, having a strong brand is key. A brand with a loyal following can capitalize on artificial intelligence as the end consumer will soon be searching for brands NOT services! Machine learning and artificial intelligence are already embedded in our lives and this technology is growing. Alexa, Siri, and Cortana are just a few of the voice-responsive features that we’re already depending on in our everyday routines. This is definitely a long term strategy but shouldn’t be disregarded.

“Alexa, please call Chilli marketing agency.”

4 – Word-of-mouth builds reputation and brand awareness

It’s the oldest trick in the book but you can never deny the power of a referral, testimonial, review, conversation on the street, or any other form of consumer-driven brand awareness. Build your brand by creating an experience that excites your target market. Give them a reason to be impressed and share your brand. This could be the way you thank them for their purchase, your simple eCommerce checkout, how your receptionist answers the phone or any other touchpoint with your business that represents your brand. Businesses succeed in the marketplace by building a great reputation and This should be the year where you start to invest.

Are you ready for the next disruptive shift of the next decade? Rest assured we cannot predict all that will come, but we do know a strong brand will be essential. Get started and begin to build your brand so no matter the change, your business will thrive.

If this article sparked some interest or you’d like to learn more about how your business can build brand awareness, chat to the team at Chilli today. We are skilled in building brands, listening to end consumers and embrace early adopters of new platforms.

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