A Simple Guide for Generating Facebook Leads

At Chilli, we LOVE Facebook Ads. Facebook offers brilliant targeting options which allows you to direct traffic or build a database of people who are interested in your product or service. With down to the dollar budgeting, our clients can see ROI and we can monitor and adjust campaigns as needed to ensure the best results.  If you have been hearing about other businesses success with Facebook advertising and wonder how they are generating REAL leads for their business, continue reading the following guide for the five key steps:


There are a lot of people on Facebook – 15,000,000 users1 in Australia alone.

For effective Facebook advertising and to get the best traction and ROI you need to be clear on who your target market is. Ads need to include a message that your target market will take notice of and stop scrolling.

Understanding your target market isn’t just about knowing the demographics (location, age, gender). To create a well targeted ad you need to know your target markets motivations. Why do they need/want your product/service? What benefit does it bring? What problem will it solve?

There are many ways you can better understand your target market depending on your product or service. A few ideas you may consider; call a selection of clients and seek their feedback, send a post service/purchase email survey, encourage customers to complete product reviews or join relevant Facebook groups.

This really is an ongoing process, but once you gather this information initially you can begin creating meaningful ad messaging that will engage your target market.



Online giveaways have high engagement rates because they are so accessible and offer a less ‘sales’ oriented way to generate leads. The trick is to create a giveaway that suits your target market. They must see value in the giveaway offered to be willing to exchange their email.

A giveaway can come in many shapes and forms and different offers will work better for different industries. Some giveaway ideas to consider include: online workshop/webinar, template, video, checklist or eBook. Apply your target market research to determine an engaging offer to generate leads. It needs to be easy to digest and showcase your businesses expertise relating to the service or product you offer, this is the first step in your businesses relationship with this lead.



To facilitate your giveaway you need a landing page on your site that is simple with a clear description, call to action and an opt-in form that needs to be completed in exchange for the giveaway.

This landing page is specially designed to encourage conversions. All normal website navigation should be removed so potential leads need to complete the form or leave. For best practice and to show you are not going to spam these leads this page should include terms and conditions and your privacy statement.

Once a lead completes the form they should be directed to a thank-you page where they can access their giveaway or this can be emailed to them directly.

When creating these pages you’ll need to include your Facebook Pixel. This is where it gets a bit more technical. The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code generated by Facebook that allows you to track conversions on your site and it reports these back to Facebook.  The Pixel code is generated within your Facebook Ads Manager account. The Pixel needs to be copied and added to specific pages on your site depending on the conversions you want to track. Once Facebook knows what you’re trying to track it will assist in optimising your ads. The conversions tracking through the pixel offers the most helpful information when reviewing your ad results.



Creating an audience in Facebook is where you put your target market research into play. Before you create your ad, determine who you want to see it by defining your audience.

Facebook allows you to select from 50 different filters within three key categories; demographics (age, gender, location, relationship status etc.), interests (broad or defined), ad behaviours (devices used, travel often, etc.). You can get very detailed and specific with this or keep it broad and measure results and adjust as needed.

Once you’ve finalised your audience you can create your ads. This is completed in your Facebooks Ads Manager. Because we are using a landing page we want to select the ad objective to ‘increase conversions on your website’. You will go through the process of setting up your ad, this includes naming the campaign, setting up conversions, audience, budget, placement, timing. Once all these settings are selected you move onto creating the ad itself. This will include image or video and some copy that relates to your landing page and talks to your target market. Once you’ve finalised your ad, place your order and it will be submitted for review by Facebook.

If you want to test multiple audiences with the same ad you can duplicate the ad set and edit the audience targeting.



For best tracking results, allow your ads to run for about three days. Within your Ads Manager there should be enough data to review the ads performance. If multiple ads are running, at this time the underperforming ads can slowly be turned off until you have one ad running that is receiving the best click through rate and lowest cost per conversion. Now this ad has been tested and is performing well the budget may be increased.

By utilising this guide for generating leads from Facebook you will have created a lead generation system that can continue running with some monitoring to provide you with ongoing new leads.

The next step for you is to nurture your new leads!

If you would like to discuss lead generation through Facebook ads further for your business please don’t hesitate to get in touch. At Chilli we have a dedicate team of marketing strategists, graphic designers and web developers here to assist you with creating a Facebook lead generation system that works.


Social Media News – Social Media Statistics Australia August 2016. Source: https://www.socialmedianews.com.au/social-media-statistics-australia-august-2016/

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So you’ve been told about a million times that Facebook is an excellent tool for marketing your business. Maybe you’ve even started to master Facebook Marketing on your own. Unfortunately we have news for you. Facebook Marketing is changing.

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