Understanding the Influence of Influencer Marketing

Are you an influential person? Is your business an influencer among consumer groups? If not, that’s ok. There are people out there who dedicate their lives to helping spread the word about businesses. Start a conversation online and join a very big push towards influencer marketing… First, let’s get back to basics.

What is Influencer Marketing?

A social media influencer is someone who has the audience’s attention, no matter who that niche audience may be. They have the ability to reach, engage and persuade an audience; people listen to what they have to say, whether that via a tweet, post, blog or a photo. As the name suggests, Influencers do exactly that – they influence their audience through their recommendation to try/buy products and services. According to Scrunch, “working with the right influencers can have a multitude of positive effects on your brands business” (Scrunch, 2017).

Influencer Marketing relates more so to the professional engagement of a social influencers services to benefit a brand or business. An influencer, in this instance, is essentially up for hire to promote your business’ wears in an effort to grow awareness of the product/service (and eventually grow sales results too).

The process is fairly straightforward and simple, and in today’s modern digital world, obtaining the services of a social influencer is much easier than contracting celebrity endorsement. The challenge is finding the perfect partnership for your brand with so many influencers to choose from, across multiple platforms.

The results can be phenomenal if you engage the right kind of influencer in the right way:

  • Improved SEO Ranking
  • Increased Product Sales
  • Online Engagement
  • Improved Brand Awareness

The first step in getting started with an Influencer Marketing Strategy is finding the right Influencers to work with. Websites like Scrunch and Tribe are dedicated resources to making your social media influencer hunt oh so much easier. Rather than trawling the internet and contacting hundreds of people, these services act as the middle-man/database for all your influencer contacts and targeting details. Check out their websites to explore your options (there are millions!).

Want to become a little more influential within your industry, or perhaps you’re looking to increase engagement and brand awareness among your target market? Influencer marketing is only growing stronger, so why not contact our team at Chilli to find our mote? We’ll help you create a fully integrated, influencer marketing strategy tailored just for you. Start thinking outside the square and get creative with us!

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It’s safe to say that social media has taken off exponentially in the last five to ten years and if the new age has taught us anything, there are definitely no limits to what you can do! 

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