The Importance of a Consistent Content Strategy

The term ‘content’ can often be referred to as written distribution or copywriting, but did you know it includes much more? Visual content such as video and photo distribution is a growing marketing asset for businesses evolving with the digital age. While most business owners are aware that content can make or break an online business, a common issue associated with this strategy is how much video, photo or copy do you create? and how often should you be publishing?’ on your website. At Chilli, we believe the real key to an effective content strategy is CONSISTENCY. This includes consistency in the quality and quantity of content that is produced.

The quality of your online content can be ensured by working with a marketing agency like Chilli, that offers professional videographers, photographers, copywriters and strategic planners that can manage this consistency. Working with an agency that can create engaging content that your current and potential audiences love, will build your brand credibility, as well as, create a meaningful relationship with your customers.

Quality content is king!

A great videographer, photographer or copywriter is priceless and essential to the success of your business. This also goes hand in hand with uploading consistent content that helps to build positive connections with your audience. Consistent content will establish your businesses authority in the industry, as well as, build your brand so it becomes a name that people can trust. So, take a look below to view our marketing strategists top tips for building a consistent content strategy within your workplace.

1.    Produce a workable content strategy

A workable strategy hosts goals and steps that are achievable within your workplace and employees. If you were to assign someone with this content creation role within your business, ensure they feel accountable for keeping everything moving along by goal setting. Additionally, your strategy should include clear demographic targetting, content (video, photo or written), as well as, a means for promoting it. With this clear workable strategy written down, any employee who steps into this role will understand their responsibilities.

2.    Use a customer relationship management (CRM) system

CRM software collects and manages all of the information about your customers and potential leads. A CRM helps you to record every interaction with your customers, storing a vast amount of information that is perfect for upselling, generating leads and understanding your audience.

You can leverage this massive amount of information and data to distribute your video and photo content that seamlessly addresses your customer’s concerns. This also gives your customers the impression that you are completely in touch with their needs. Creating engaging content that speaks directly to the reader becomes much easier when you have this type of database ton hand, making it much easier to tailor your content specifically to your target audience.

3.    Source a team dedicated to creating your content

As mentioned earlier, this is an important step in creating consistent content that is engaging and of high quality. If you are a small business, you might take on this task yourself. However, if you don’t have the time, it could be worthwhile reaching out to an agency like Chilli who have professionals in all creative fields that can manage this task. Another relevant point is it’s much easier to scale each content’s responsibilities to a creative intelligence team. Building a content marketing team is something that every business owner should aim to achieve if they want to expand their business.

4.    Create an editorial calendar and schedule

At least once a year (and more often if deemed necessary), meet with your content marketing team to create an editorial calendar and schedule. You can brainstorm topics and ideas, plan social media campaigns and product launches and organise everything for the next quarter, financial year, or beyond. This keeps everyone on track and also gives you additional information that can be leveraged for future campaigns. For example, if you find that certain types of content are more successful than others in a product launch or that blogs posted on a particular day convert better than other days, you have additional information for your marketing strategy that is quite simply, priceless!

5.    Promote your content

Your marketing team needs to include people who are experts in promoting your content, after all, there is no point in publishing good content consistently if no-one sees it! This means that part of your brainstorming process needs to include the marketing channels that will be used for specific content and campaigns, and these will work in parallel to your content creation schedule.

At Chilli, we’d love to assist you with tailoring your strategic content marketing to get the best results for your organisation. Drop us a line and we can show you what content marketing can look like for your business with a tailored and strategic approach.