Why Intelligent Creative?

At Chilli, we boast a diverse team of passionate industry professionals, who all believe in our agency’s motto ‘Intelligent Creative’. You’ve probably come across this key phrase on our socials, website, branding or even in person. However, do you understand the underlying meaning of this phrase and how it supports our decisions through day-to-day practice? Continue reading to learn the meaning behind our agency’s motto, how it drives our team, supports our decisions and assists us to be a marketing agency with a difference.

Intelligence without creative is the slowest route to victory. Creative without intelligence is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”

Intelligent Creative

The phrase nothing works in isolation rings true when explaining the definition of Intelligent Creative. At Chilli, we are a multi-channel marketing agency, with a close team of ‘ideas people’, who are dedicated to providing an array of marketing services to clients who are looking to succeed within their individual industries. Through marketing strategy, advertising, branding, communication and design, our team are experienced professionals in all fields, who consider every channel and medium within our overall recommended strategy. This is so every business understands what they need to be successful and how Chilli can assist in providing a great foundation.

To define and understand the term ‘Intelligent Creative’ in more depth, it’s best to separate the words into its two identities.


This keyword defines the strategy, logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, reasoning, planning, critical thinking and problem-solving practice within our agency. Strategy on its own is quite pointless because, without proper execution, you’re likely to see minimal to no results.

For example:

You would like to commence Google Advertising or Facebook Advertising for your business. Ideally, you would like to have an increased amount of leads, phone calls and clicks to your website. As an agency, we can set-up a campaign for you on these platforms, choose the right audience, select the best locations, write enticing copy and recommend a budget. However, this may not get you the enquiry you need if:

  1. Your website is slow to load (encouraging people to click away)
  2. Your website has no clear or defined call-to-action to match your objective (clear and specific contact page)
  3. Your website is not up-to-date and lacks credibility
  4. Your Facebook Advertising images or copy don’t speak to the consumer (lacks engaging visuals)
  5. Your Facebook audience is incorrectly set up based on assumptions

These are just a few examples of how the ‘Intelligence’ and ‘Creative’ are entwined and how nothing works in isolation.


This keyword defines, logo design, photo and video production, websites, social media platforms, emails and branding collateral (e.g. press ads, Facebook ads creative, brochures, signage, e-books, etc). Creative on its own is pointless because there is little direction for its use and little reason for its relevance.

For example:

  1. Building a website which doesn’t support your business goals or stays consistent with your brand guidelines.
  2. Designing images for Facebook or Google display advertising which don’t relate or speak to your customers, or is targeting the wrong audience.
  3. Setting up and using social media accounts where your customers may not be.
  4. Designing and offering print or digital collateral which don’t properly communicate your message.
  5. Hosting a video or photo shoot that can’t be used across multiple channels.
  6. Using copy in any application that doesn’t reflect your brand personality.

These are just a few examples of ‘Creative’ without the right ‘Intelligence’ and without the right strategy, nothing works in isolation.

Our Difference

At Chilli, it is our mission to combine Intelligence with Creative and ensure our clients are receiving the best possible advice, with consideration to all their individual communication channels. We’re an agency who specialise in many marketing fields, this is an area our clients benefit from partnering with Chilli.

Every day is a new challenge, a new story, a new experience and a new chance to ‘wow’ you. Get in touch today, if you’re searching for an Intelligent and Creative marketing agency who can look after you and your business.

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